No Bathtub in My House-How Should I Bath My 2 Year Old?

Updated on October 20, 2010
T.C. asks from Miami Beach, FL
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Unfortunately my house has only showers and no bathtubs. We have a huge kitchen sink and put a bathtub in there from the day my daughter was born until now. That worked perfectly. She is approaching her 2nd birthday and is too big for the kitchen sink tub. Are there any portable tubs that I can put in the shower? She LOVES taking a regular bath (when we're visiting my parents house). Any ideas?? Help please:)

Thank you!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your wonderful advice! I will definitely try to get her used to go into the shower with me. I also found some toddler tubs that I could use as well! I truly appreciate all for your help!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'd try using a big tub with handles, like the kind they sell for ice/drinks at picnics, etc.? (Walmart, Target, etc.) Sorry I can't describe it better.. LOL

They are small enough to fit in a shower, but deep enough to put water in and bath a 2 year old... and it might seem really fun to her!

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answers from Dallas on

My aunt lived in a VERY small home that only had a shower. She got one of those big circular laundry tubs that you can carry. It fit in the shower, and she'd put enough water in it for her son to take a bath. It was low enough for her to sit next to and give him a bath. You could probably find something that would work at Target or Home Depot.

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answers from Dallas on

Both my kids loved showers before the age of 2. For safety sake and convenience we showered with them for quite a while. The bathtub is novel, which is why she loves it so much at your parents house. We don't have stairs, you should see my kids when we are a house with stairs, lol.

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answers from Pocatello on

I think the portable tube would probably be your best bet. Or does she like to take showers with you? When my daughter was 2 she had to take a shower with me every day or she would freak out. lol So you could just let her shower with you.

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answers from Brownsville on

I purchased a little blow up tub from Burlington when I felt my little ones were too small for the tub. It looks like a little inflatable kiddie pool but it was small enough to fit inside the bathtub. It is probably small enough to fit in a stand up shower as well.
Hope this helps!

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answers from Sacramento on

Make shower time fun. My son has spent most of his clean up time using the shower, even though we have a tub. He loves tub time, gets it at his dad's house...but here it is the shower...he still managed to have fun with it ;)

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answers from Wausau on

You could get a little kiddie pool. I know they have the hard plastic ones that are about two feet wide. Would be a great size.

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answers from Chicago on

didn't read the other answers so hope i am not copying an answer lol. But I would suggest you get a plastic bin that you could put water in. it would fit in your shower but will hold the water for the bath. You can get one that is about as deep as a shower. we got them for the kids to step in and out of outside next to the pool. good luck

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answers from Redding on

Why don't you just let her shower?
My kids loved a shower and it was actually easier to make sure all the soap got out of their hair, etc.
She's plenty old enough.
You might want to get one of those non-slip mats, but little ones can do just fine in the shower.

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answers from Detroit on

If the kitchen sink is large, why can't she just use the sink as the tub? Not have a portable tub in the sink, but the sink itself.

My son is 2 and if I didn't have the divider in my sink, it would be plenty big enough to bathe him in.

They sell portable tubs that you could use in the shower, but they aren't very big. They're generally used for infants.

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answers from Seattle on

We used a big plastic toy bucket (the kind with rope handles) until about age 2.5/3 (kiddo was well over 3' tall at 2 years old). What was great about it was that I could drag it room to room with me. He would spend AGES playing in it.



answers from Tulsa on

I bought a small plastic bathtub that the kids fit in until they were 4-5 years old. It had a ring style part that snapped in for the toddlers and I could take it out for the bigger kids.

It scrunched up when not in use and I could rinse the underneath parts that could get yucky. It had non slip suction cups on the bottom to keep it from sliding around in the tub. I loved it and wore out 2 of them with all my grandkids.

I googled toddler bathtubs.

Here's one style.

Another style, this one is expandable from infant to older child:

And this is what mine looked like but I never had the little new born attachment, I just got them when they were for the bigger kids. The green seat area pops out when the kids get big enough they want to move around more and it is easy to push together and store.



answers from Miami on

Use a plastic inflatable small little pool.
Buy a shower faucet with a hand hose ( hand shower) in it
Also buy a small and low plastic bench so you can sit in stead of bending over



answers from Miami on

I have a product that would work great for you. I have used it for both my kids. It's an inflatable tub for little ones & most of all safe, but of course don't take your eye off of them. It's cushioned & keeps them contained. It also fits inside a bathtub. Sears has it in stock as of today when I checked. You can go on line to Sears & type in the name that I put below for you along w/ item # & model #.

***Safety 1st Inflatable Bath Tub ***
. Sold by Sears | Sears Item# 04911014000 | Model# 44110

The item is on sale can't beat the price. You can also check on line if your local Sears has it in stock. If so you pay for it on line & go to the Kiosk for on line pick ups & it will be ready for you. In the mean time you could both just shower together to make sure she's ok & does not slip & she can have fun playing in the shower with you.

Good Luck.



answers from Chicago on

A large Laundry sink would work.



answers from Boston on

I shower my boy with a hand held shower, since he was 2 years old. especially after a messi ka-ka. I turn the pressure down (as my shower allows me to do that). After a few times, he likes it! The third time, he said "that was not so bad after all - and I smell nice" LOL



answers from Boca Raton on

What about a shower? You can get a big bathmat and with a handheld shower give your little one a "big girl shower". I started doing this with my daughter at this age as a quick solution when we both came back from the beach and it has become a big treat for her. The key is to keep her seated so occupied with a few bath toys (johnsons makes a cute bar soap with a green mesh cover that my girl loves to play with). She was apprehensive at first but now at 3 she loves to hold the shower head and soak me and i can't get her out of the shower. The benefit is now we can go on vacation or stay over anyone's house and not worry about a bath tub.



answers from Mayaguez on

You can get one of those rubber mats for the shower floor and a shower cap (if you don't want her to get her hair wet all the time) and let her use the shower. If she doesn't like getting her eyes wet, use a large plastic cup to get her wet and rinsing. The hand held showers are really easy and fun to use.



answers from Jacksonville on

We have a tub, but all my kids take a shower. IT's so much easier to wash my daughters hair and get all the soap out in the shower. She's 2 and she takes a shower with me.
My boys are 4 and 5 and they know how to wash themselves and take showers by themselves. Also I have a 3 month old and we rarely use his baby tub cause it's easier for us to take him in the shower with my husband or I, especially in a hurry!



answers from Portland on

My kids like the bath, but they like taking a shower with me. Even before they could stand and walk (but could sit and play) they went in the shower with me. They loved it. They would play in the corner of the shower while I cleaned myself and then I would use the baby wash and give each a shower in turn.

They are now 5 and 3 and often both want to join me in the shower. They still play while I shower and then each gets washed after. Works like a charm, except there isn't much room for me now.

We only have a shower in our RV and it is small. I usually wash one at a time and just keep the shower door open. We do have a shower sprayer that has an on/off switch, so we can stop the water flow without having to readjust water pressure/temperature each time. I just turn off the flow at the shower head, soap them up and turn it back on to rinse them off.

Good luck to you. I would save the bath experience for special occasions when you visit family or stay in a hotel. Do be careful to rinse her vaginal area very well to avoid possible infections from the soap and/or sweat and pee.



answers from Miami on

baby swimming pool suited for one -- they have them at toys r us



answers from Killeen on

I know I'm a little late, but my kids are 4 and 2 (he'll be 3 in Dec) and they take showers by themselves! I mean I'm in the bathroom with them to wash them and keep an eye on them, but it's just them in the shower. The 2y.o. has been taking "showers" since he was a little less than a year old. (we didn't have a tub where we were living at the time) But yeah, she's not too young for a shower, you just have to show her how and that it's okay. You might want to take her in with you a few times, show her that the water is okay, show her how you wash your face. (so that she can see that the water's not going to hurt her) Then you can try to see if she will be in there by herself (with you right there, of course) if you don't want to get wet. My boys are to the point now that they know how to wash themselves! lol

Hope this helps, good luck! :D



answers from Tampa on

Yes! There is a great little tub that even has a setting for jacuzzi or shower when you attach this piece onto it. My son loved it. It's something of a tub spa. Super cute! Otherwise, a little inflatable pool could help in the meantime.



answers from Houston on

When our kids were little we would travel to Mexico and the hotel we stayed at did not have a tub. I just bought a rubber drain stopper-like for the kitchen sink, it is a flat round rubber piece-and put it over the shower drain. Then I could fill the shower floor up with about 2-3 inches of water. However high the edge of your shower is. Easy-peasy!
My kids also loved showers early on- not too young to start showering.
Good luck!



answers from Miami on

I bathe my 2 year old in a large plastic storage bin. It's the one that is meant to fit under the bed so it is wide and shallow. When not in use, we hang it in shower on a hook my husband put up. We decorated it with a froggy bath mat and our two year old loves it!

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