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Helping My 1St Grader Become a Better Writer...

A.M. asks from Kansas City

Report cards were emailed Friday...She's above average in all areas except writing. Her sentences are correct, however, short and sweet. We sat down this weekend and ...


How Long Should a Man Stay in the "Dog House" If??? JFF

A.H. asks from Canton

He doesn't notice you got your hair cut and colored? I understand the responses so far BUT I only splurge on myself and do this about once a year and he KNEW I wa...


Telling 3 Year Old Why Her Dad Is Gone - Need Help Keeping It Simple. - SWH

J.J. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, Some background: I met my ex-husband in Africa, we got married, pregnant and moved back to U.S. He couldn't handle the pressure of staying at home with...


In Need of Easy Crock Pot Meals

K.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Mom's I am in need of some easy crock pot meals. Any would be helpful. I am limited on time during the week, but I still want to cook for my husband. Any id...


Need Pool Party/Luau Cake Idea

M.C. asks from Dallas

My daughter's 9th birthday party is next weekend and she wants to do a Luau theme since we are having it at the pool. Any cute beach/luau/pool cake ideas that are fai...


How to Choose a Sport for a Pre-schooler and Toddler?

J.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have this question bothering me for a while. So I am posting it here so that I can get some ideas. I am a mom of 3 1/2 year old and 2 year old boys . I am wonder...


Snack Ideas for Preschool

T.J. asks from Seattle

I'm in charge of snacks once a month for my daughter's preschool. Due to choking hazards and food allergies, there's a long list of things we can't bring. We had orie...


At My Wits End with My Son Turning in Late Assignments!

C.H. asks from Dallas

Okay I am going to get right to it. My son is in the 6th grade and I am sure this is a little bit of a change changing classes but he also changed classes last year. ...


Seeking Solutions for Tired Eyes

A.D. asks from Lexington

My 3 month old is not sleeping through the night and I'm back to work full time. People are constantly telling me that I look tired. I know sleep will be the best r...


Can a Child Learn to Self Soothe at Night If Even I Can't Soothe Him Sometimes?

L.B. asks from New York

I asked yesterday about what to do with my "bad sleeper" two year old. His 3.5 week old brother sleeps better than he does or ever did, and with two of them, I am at...