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Stride Rite Shoes

J.O. asks from Boston

I have a 14-month old daughter who is not walking by herself yet, but will walk when assisted. I feel that it could be any time now that she will start walking on he...


1 Year Old Hit His Head Question

J.O. asks from Cincinnati

My 1 year old has been walking for about a month or so now but he's still pretty new at it and falls all the time trying to walk to fast, different flooring, not maki...


Shoes for Narrow Feet

A.B. asks from Houston

My 9th month old daughter is starting to cruise and has the smallest, narrow feet. I did a search and this site came up. After reading several other questions and a...


Birthday & Christmas Gift Ideas for 1 Year Old

S.D. asks from Milwaukee

So far for Christmas I bought my daughter the bounce & spin zebra, the little people barn that makes sounds and has the touch and feel animals and a music set w/ a dr...



M.E. asks from Chicago

My daughter just turned 11 months last week and has mastered walking. She does not have shoes at the moment but I would like to buy her some. Where is the best plac...


Need Recommendations for Beginning Walker Shoes

L.F. asks from Dallas

My DD is beginning to walk. Any suggestions for good supportive baby shoes?


Suggestions on Footwear

T.M. asks from Austin

My daughter is 10 months old and will not keep socks or shoes (when I attempt to put shoes on her she curls her toes and then immediately tries to get out of them). ...


Any Shoes That Actually Stay on an 9 Month Old?

N.K. asks from Cleveland

I have a very active 9 month old boy and am having a hard time keeping his feet covered now that the weather is turning colder, most kinds of shoes he just kicks off ...


Socks That Stay on Feet

H.G. asks from Columbus

Does anyone know of a good brand of infant socks. I've had a few hand-me-downs that have worked great up to now. My 10 month crawler and puller upper is wriggling o...


Shoes for a New Walker

A.S. asks from Chicago

My son "walks" with a push toy, and the teacher at his daycare suggested graduating him to shoes with soles to give him more support and help with his balance. We us...