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First Time Home Buyer

T.L. asks from Dallas

My DH and I are looking to purchase our first home this summer. Our lease is up the end of August and we are really excited to start looking. Being first time home bu...


Best Vacuum?

B.D. asks from Dallas

I am in the market for a new vacuum. I want a Dyson, but my budget does not. What is the next best thing to a Dyson?


Enforcing Consequences?

J.S. asks from Sioux Falls

How many chances do you give before enforcing consequences? For example, being naughty in a restaurant...warning was stop the behavior or we will leave...how many ch...


What Do I Call Him?

J.P. asks from Austin

So my BF and I have been together for 4 years. We have a wonderful little girl and another one on the way. We have a really great relationship and are committed to on...


Stupid Question - When Will You Stop Referring to Your Los Age in Months?

M.B. asks from New York

Maybe I just don't want to think...or maybe it is a sign that I am just way exhausted, but when I talk to someone and they say "my 30 something month old" I'm like w...


Birthday Party Ideas for a 2 Year Old!! Help!!

J.S. asks from Tampa

I wanted to have a party at the local park but was misinformed about the reservation time frame and all the dates around my daughter's birthday are already taken!!! S...


How Do You Pray? What Are Your Favorite Prayers?

E.D. asks from Seattle

That's all. Thanks so much, in advance.


Help Me Say NO...It's Okay Right?

L._. asks from San Diego

The thing I love most about myself is also the thing that I sometimes hate about myself. I LOVE people and I WANT to be needed. I like to FILL NEEDS. BUT, I have m...


Traveling by Car to Mount Rushmore and Colorado Springs. Any Advice Helpful.

M.L. asks from Wichita

We are taking our three girls (ages 7 and twins age 10) from Kansas City, up to Sioux Falls South Dakota, over to Mount Rushmore to stay three days then down to Color...


Help!! Twin Costumes?

M.C. asks from Springfield

I have 3 yr old twins, a boy and a girl. I want to dress them with the same theme for Halloween. I need ideas for costumes. I want them going as something unusual, no...