High Blood Pressure

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Blood Pressure Question

L.M. asks from Dover

First let me say I plan to ask my doctor at my next appointment but I wanted to ask you ladies if you knew anything about this while I was waiting. The difference be...


Pregnancy: Hypertension, Preeclampsia?

H.J. asks from Minneapolis

Currently I am 31.5 weeks pregnant. For the last 4 weeks I have been hearing my heart beat in my head, I am able to here it when my heart beat increases or decreases,...


Blood Pressure Too High?

R.P. asks from Denver

Hi All, I recently gave birth over a month ago and had an increase in my bp a month before. I have returned to work a week before I was suppose to but my doctor r...


I Am Pregnant, Cold All the Time and Have Low Blood Pressure

J.H. asks from Portland

I am about 8 weeks along in this pregnancy and am always cold. It is driving me crazy because I can't get warm. I had my first appointment today with my midwife and...


Can Blood Pressure Medications Cause Fainting/collapse

B.R. asks from Detroit

Hello, My MIL has had two fainting spells. She has felt off balanced and on one occurance that I know of Extremely tired. She fainted once at the bank. And before...


What Does Low Blood Pressure Feel Like?

S.L. asks from Boise

Most people will just tell me that low blood pressure doesn't have symptoms, and that it means I'm healthy. But yesterday at my OB appointment, my blood pressure w...


Gestational Diabetes/High Blood Pressure (Bed Rest??)

H.T. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms! I am currently 7 months pregnant, teaching full time and I really am feeling terrible! I have already been diagnosed with high blood pressure and gestati...


Blood Pressure--31 Weeks Pregnant....

N.J. asks from Los Angeles

I just had my 32 week OB check up--granted it was with a different doctor than the one I normally see. My regular OB wasn't in this morning and they didn't call me u...


Pregnancy Induced Hypertension but Already Delivered

M.P. asks from Los Angeles

I started having high blood pressure readings off and on about two weeks before my baby was born. I had a baby boy 6 days ago. Today at my doctor's visit my blood p...


Blood Pressure Issues in Later Pregnancy

A.A. asks from Tulsa

Just curious if any of you mamas that had pre-eclampsia or gestational hypertension in your first pregnancy had any problems with a second or third pregnancy? I was ...