Which Blood Pressure Monitor Is More Reliable

Updated on February 11, 2010
D.L. asks from Blacksburg, VA
4 answers

Dear mums,

On my recent visit to the primary care physician my diastolic blood pressure was found to be quite high. He recommended that I will purchase a blood pressure monitor. Can you please advise me on which ones are considered the most reliable/accurate?

Thanks a lot,

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answers from Indianapolis on

Your best bet is to ask a pharmacist (since you'll likely be purchasing one through a pharmacy) or call a Cardiologist's office to see what they recommend. My husband uses an Omron one, but I don't know how it was selected.

I would defer you to a medical source vs. the general public on this one.
Good luck.



answers from Dover on

I have tried several of those available on the and market. The one I like best, seems to give me the most accurate records, and is so easy for me to use that I do use it regularly is one by Homedics -- it's their "wrist blood pressure monitor." It's easy to use and packs up easily in a little plastic box that sits near me lon the table near my favorite chair. I am so much more likely to use it regularly than the others I've tried. Take care of yourself!



answers from Washington DC on

The Omron brand is good for home use; it is a little more expensive, but if you go on Amazon or other reliable sites you can find them much cheaper for the same models.



answers from Washington DC on

As the two previous posters suggested Omron is a good one. I've used a manual blood pressure monitor from them for the last two years. When I've taken it to the doctor's office, it pretty much provided the same reading obtained on the medical professional one.

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