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Updated on March 05, 2012
N.J. asks from Redlands, CA
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I just had my 32 week OB check up--granted it was with a different doctor than the one I normally see. My regular OB wasn't in this morning and they didn't call me until I got there so they crammed me in with the OB who delivered my 2nd (loved her). She said she was concerned with my elevated blood pressure, and wanted the nurse to check again before I left.

The nurse came in and asked what my bp was earlier, which I didn't know, so she checked my chart and came back and said it was the same and hadn't changed. I'm pretty sure she said 130/70, but the OB was already in with another patient, so she said go ahead and go home, we'll call you if we think you need to do a NST.

I thought 130/70 was considered normal. Granted I've always had a low resting blood pressure, which actually limited some medication I could take with my 1st when I was in preterm labor with him. I can't say for sure but at my other appointments it ranged from 106-112/60. I was also under the impression it was the 2nd number they were concerned about, in which case it didn't go up too much.

I am not swelling too much, but joints feel stiff and somewhat swollen (especially my wrists), and I've been peeing like crazy, but otherwise I feel great. I asked about my weight gain, since its considerably more than with my other 2, and she said she's not too worried about the weight, but is concerned about the change in BP.

Still waiting for a call back, and just curious, what causes concern in BP with your dr.?

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies--I was told my urine was clear, so its something just to watch at this point. I have an at home BP machine, I don't know its calibrated to the dr's, but if I notice any increases was told to call. Of course, was told to be mindful of any weird/ill feelings plus the typical pre eclampsia symptoms. Now that I realize how quick it can change I plan to be vigilant and try to take it easy, which is hard to do with a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old---sigh. Sure hope I don't end up on bedrest with another pregnancy!

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I would call the regular OB and discuss it if it bothers you. My sister's BP suddenly shot up and she was unaware. We had been joking at my daughter's party just days earlier and she felt fine. If she hadn't throw up at work, she might not have gone home and had her DH not insisted she go to the ER, both she and their baby might have died. As it was they are fine, but I wouldn't just wait for BP concerns. You're pregnant. You're allowed to be extra worried. Call and discuss it.

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That is very good BP

I was hospitalized in ICU in bad condition after I delivered my third for weeks with an uncontrolled BP ranging from 180/110 to 245/130, I was miserable.. ya to this day I count my blessings cause it is amazing I didn't have anything serious happen not even a stroke...just missed the first few months of my babies life...

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120/80 is as normal as it gets. You may have had a higher BP when you first got there, but it was normal by the time you were leaving.

With my 3rd pregnancy, I had a waaaaay high BP at one of my visits, and to my extreme shock, they didn't admit me.

Your doc knows best; this isn't their first rodeo. If you suddenly feel awful, call them, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Just take it easy, and if possible, check your BP at home (or most pharmacies will check it for you, free of charge).

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It's important for them to closely watch your BP -especially in late pregnancy and especially if they notice a big difference. You may not be crazy high right now, but if your resting BP is usually much lower, they want to keep an eye on it. I've never had BP problems -until I was in labor with my first. My BP spiked and came down a lot after the birth, but it was still kind of high. I wound up back in the hospital two days later with post-partum pre-eclampsia (which I never knew existed)! If you become eclamptic, you can sieze, stroke out and go into a coma or die. It's serious! I'm not saying that to scare you, but it's why they keep a close eye on BP changes in pregnancy.

With my second, I never had elevated BP until the very end. At 36 weeks it started climbing and even though there was no protein in my urine, it never came down -even after 8 days of bed rest -so they went ahead and induced due to my experience with the first. Don't worry too much-yours isn't terrible now, and you may be just fine, but be glad they're watching it! If you start having headaches, swelling more, or seeing bright flashes of light -call them immediately.

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I had pre/preclampsia throughout my last trimester. They constantly were getting 24 hour urine, hospital stays for fetal monitoring, blood tests, etc. Usually when my Bp was in the 140/85, 140/90. They had me rest for two hours, and get another BP before they cleared me to leave.

130/80 is relatively normal or near the borderline area depending on what your usual resting BP is. When you are pregnant they are more cautious, and will monitor it closely. It is better to be safe then sorry.

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It's a good BP, but is it a good reading FOR YOU? It sounds to me as if the doctor wasn't just taking for granted what a standard reading would mean in general but what it "could" mean for you specifically.

That said, in my last pregnancy I had a similar situation. My normal BP is 70/120-130. During that pregnancy it was 90/130-140. My age was considered a factor, there was a lot of stress and anxiety in the extended family to worry about, my husband wasn't working at the time, and I was chasing after a preschooler and undiagnosed lactose-intolerant autistic toddler. Fun times. Within a year of delivery my BP went back to "normal."

So I guess my point is to consider where you are in your pregnancy as others have suggested, but also consider the stress levels in your life too. Consider that this pregnancy could simply be very different than the others, and maybe even putting more stress on your body than your previous pregnancies. All of that played a role for me as well.

In any case, I do hope that your elevated BP is nothing truly abnormal. Try not to stress out about it, since that can just make it go up more. :-) And who knows... maybe the stress of the situation with the appointment raised your BP and the next appointment going smoothly means it'll be back to where it should be.

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My OB was concerned when mine went high, because for me, 130 is not normal. Yes, it is "normal" as an average, but I am consistently like you around 105-110/64. Like clockwork. So if I get a reading that says 130/70, they might be concerned because it is not normal for me. That is my best guess as why there was concern :)

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Preeclampsia isn't diagnosed without proteinura and two high BP readings (140/90, either number). But any significant increase of BP (30/15) above normal non-pregnant baseline is of concern and warrants closer monitoring. So I'm glad to hear you are checking your blood pressure at home.

Sudden weight gain -like more than two pounds than a week- can be an indication of preeclampsia. My only warning signs of preeclampsia were a couple of slightly high blood pressure readings and sudden weight gain (like 4 pounds literally overnight).

Know the signs & symptoms of preeclampsia:
And if anything changes please call your doctor (like for an increase in BP or swelling, severe headache, visual changes, nausea, or stomach/shoulder pain).

Good luck!

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Concerns are preeclampsia and toximia, I had preeclampsia, bp went up sharply at 36 weeks and I swelled up real bad in the 3rd trimester, once it hits a certain point it gets into stroke areas and the docs dont want that, with it only being that you may be told to do a bed rest, my bottom number was 80 dont remember the top and I usually have low bp. I was induced at 36 weeks went into the hospital the day after my 36 week check up and was delivered 2 days shy of 37 weeks but also had to wait for bp to come out of stroke level and was on magneesium and potasium the mag to help with bp and potasium cuz that was an underlying reason for the high bp. if they are worried you should see if they can do a full panel to make sure there isnt something out of wack causing the pressure problems.

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when you are preg.. your blood pressure shoudl go down from your normal.. so the dr gets concerened if the blood pressure starts going up even a bit. so it might not be really high but if it is higher than it has been that is a concern. be aware of headaches or just feeling wierd... I went to the ER at 28 weeks with BP of 150/100 felt wierd.. Drink your fluids.. that helps..

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