What! High Blood Pressure Now?!

Updated on May 28, 2010
H.J. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I delivered my third just about three weeks ago and just go out of the hospital after a few day stay due to high blood pressure (very, very high for me) 215/105 is what it hovered around for a long while. I have never had issues with BP before or during pregnancy. They treated me initially for Post Eclampsia with Magnesium but they do not feel that that is what I have/had. I still have high pressures, running average 189/97 even while on BP medication. They have me on one dose and then if needed a second medicine that I can take if I start to get my headaches and vomiting. Has anyone had this happen? I don't know how long I can run like this. I am usually around 105/58 so I can really feel the difference. I also worry about being with my kids alone as if I have to take the second medicine it has and can drop my pulse down so low that I pass out (not cool). The doctors think it might just pass but have no idea if it really will. How do I learn to function with this change. I have not yet had any vision changes or any other symptoms other than severe headaches and vomiting when it gets really high.

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answers from St. Louis on

I don't have an answer, I just wanted you to know that we will be praying for your full recovery from this issue. Don't lose hope.

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answers from Dallas on

Pregnancy induced hypertension does NOT necessarily go away after delivery -and can actually get worse.

You need further intervention if your pressures are still that high! That is NOT controlled.

It very well may subside on its own in this post-partum period - but you need medication to better control it.

Please go back to the dr!!!



answers from Houston on

I know my situation isn't exactly like yours but I had pre-eclampsia with my son. We had to deliver 4 weeks early via c-section do to it. I never had blood pressure issues prior to my pregnancy. Now 2 1/2 years later my blood pressure is still high. I take meds for it. They say some people who do have high blood pressure during pregnancy-their blood pressure goes back to normal with 6 months of delivery. If it doesn't then you will have to deal with high blood pressure the rest of your life! Sucks. Good luck.



answers from Cedar Rapids on


I'm so glad you asked this question, as I have been dealing with the exact same issue myself for months. With my first child, my BP spiked right at the end (after my due date!) so they induced me and he was born and the BP went right back to normal. With my daughter, my BP spiked right at the end so I had her and it went right back to normal and they sent me home.

Two days later, at HER check-up, I mentioned a bad headache and they took my BP and it was 160/100. The nurse and my doctor (who thankfully was there on-call) flipped out and admitted me and started the magnesium. A few days later I was sent home with BP medication, which I had never needed before in my life.

The medication didn't work and after a couple of weeks they increased my dose. The day after I took the increased dose, I fell down the stairs. Thank God I wasn't holding either of my children when it happened, but you are RIGHT to be concerned about passing out or being light-headed. If they add that second medication, please have someone there with you for the first day or two!

The good news is, my body acclimated to the new dose (which I'm still on) and brought the BP down slowly. My daughter is now almost 8 months old and at a check-up last week my BP was 114/72. It has taken a lot longer than I thought (or hoped!) it would, but it is worth it to feel SO much better and more capable of taking care of two young children.

Your current blood pressure is higher than my STARTING blood pressure than landed me on the magnesium. That says to me that you are still not in the safe range and you need to head back to the doctor about that second medication. Once I got used to the higher dose, it was like a fog had been lifted from my head and I just felt so much better and more energetic.

Best of luck to you and prayers that this will eventually work itself out - even if it takes 8 months like mine!! :-)



answers from Rochester on

I had an onset of high blood pressure with both my pregnancies. My kids are 10 and 12 now, I am 37 years old and continue to have high blood pressure. I am on two medications and I am a little over weight, but not obese by any means. I also found out that all my Grandmothers had/have blood pressure issues. It stinks taking medication, but I have come to terms with it. I never have had any symptoms. Untreated blood pressure can be serious, especially as you age. Just listen to the doctors, take your medications and check your blood pressure on a regular basis. You want to live to see your grandchildren, so take care of yourself!



answers from Dallas on

Don't know about your particular situation but I've had 2 doctors tell me that most people with high blood pressure typically take 2-3 medications to keep it under control. So if they do have to add another medication you would be in the norm. Hope you don't have to and this will pass. Good luck and congrats on your new baby !



answers from Madison on

When I had my son almost 2 years ago I also had developed high bp. Doc was worried so I had my c-section earlier than planned and all went well.....except the bp never went down. My case is a little unusual but I would suggest getting a basic metabolic panel done. Hopefully your doctor has already done this but it's not really the norm. Mine did it on a whim since I'd never had one before. My bp, we think triggered from the pregnancy, is from tumors in my adrenal glands. This is VERY uncommon but you never know. Also thyroid issues can cause bp spikes and that's a lot more common. Never knew how much all those little glands can do till a few weren't working right. Hope you are able to figure it all out!



answers from Tucson on

i am 29 and have the same issue..i had my daughter 5 wks early by c-section due to high bp..and im now on Atenolol and a diuretic ..i decided to go see a cardiologist because it was really bothering me..i have had test after test ran and i have some damage to my heart due to the high bp going uncontrolled..it is called left ventricular diastolic dysfunction..the meds the cardio put me on have greatly reduced my blood pressure and i feel sooo much better..i would suggest going to a cardiologist and getting this under control!

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