Gag Reflex: First Years

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Chosing a Bottle for a Breastfed Baby

K.P. asks from Fayetteville

Hi moms! I'm expecting my second child and there will be a 5 1/2 years age difference between the two. With my son, I breastfed him and used bottles when I went back ...


Is a Wedge Necessary for Newborn?

B.L. asks from Orlando

Hi- my sister-in-law is expecting her first baby in August, and she asked me if she should get one of those sleeping wedges for her baby- that thing that's supposed t...


How to Make a Two Month Old Drink from a Bottle

M.G. asks from Boston

Hi, My maternity leave ends in two weeks and up till now my daughter has mainly been breastfed. Right after she was born she had taken a bottle a couple of times. ...


2 Mon Old Won't Take a Bottle

T.D. asks from Chicago

My almost 3 month old daughter will not take a bottle. She is breastfed and no one, including my husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and daycare provider can get ...


PLEASE Help My Daughter Go to Sleep!

S.T. asks from Seattle

We don't know what to do now! My 22 month old is suddenly not wanting to go to sleep in her own crib. This might have something to do with her current ear infection a...


My Daughter Will ONLY Drink Formula

S.Z. asks from Portland

My dear daughter is only 9 months old, but she will NOT drink anything but formula. As soon as she tastes it, she makes a gross face and throws it on the floor. She...


Revise My Dilemma

S.G. asks from Reno

I would like to be more specific with the problems I'm having with my 3 month old. She has been a very colicky baby, and just when I think things are getting better t...


3 Week Old , Spitting up Constantly Even an Hour After feeding...any Advice

L.L. asks from San Francisco

I have a 3 week old newborn that I am breastfeeding, we are concerned about him spitting up, sometimes even through his nose, even 1 hour after feeding. We tried to ...


Seeking Advice About an Ongoing Problem with Croup

J.L. asks from Albany

My son is a 17 month old who has been fairly healthy during his short life with the one exception of going to the hospital ER 3 times (most recently in the middle of ...


Breast Pumps

R.V. asks from St. Louis

Can someone please recommend a breast pump for a beginning mother who has never done this before? My daughter is going to try breastfeeding with the new baby but she...