Gag Reflex and Eating Solids

Updated on January 19, 2008
L.M. asks from Keller, TX
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Ok, so I posted last week about my 8 month old using his middle finger and thumb to pick things up. His pedi said this is unusual, but nothing to worry about or try to change. But he DID say that we should start giving him fruit puffs, etc. to teach him to finger-feed. I have no clue what to do, because my baby gags on applesauce, third foods, everything that has any texture to it. All I can get him to eat are sweet potatoes and squash. He also does not put objects in his mouth unless he likes the feel of it, like teething rings. So we bought fruit puffs yesterday, and I managed to get one in his mouth, since he would play with them but not eat them. He chewed it with his little front teeth for a minute then mashed it in the back, but when the tiniest chunk started going down his throat he started gagging and crying and got so upset he wouldn't try again...Is my child going to eat 2nd foods the rest of his life?!

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answers from Dallas on

Your child has sensory integration issues. My son had this but I never inquired or found out what to do. He is almost 10 and still will gag when eating vegetables. I have a friends with a 1 year old with the same issues as you and she is able to get help through the school district at no cost. It might be worth checking that out as well.

Good luck. If I had it to do over, I would definitely get a diagnosis and help. It didn't get easier or better.



answers from Houston on

It just takes awhile. I bought some puffs for my daughter in hopes of getting her to start self feeding at around 6-8 months (can't remember exactly when since she's 2 now), but she hated them too. She totally gagged on them. We just kept trying and eventually she figured out what to do with it and now, she eats just about anything you put in front of her. It's great to start giving him all kinds of textures now so that he won't continue to be picky. It may just take him a little longer to get past the texture thing and start liking things. Just because he turns his nose up at something once doesn't mean you should give up. It can take many tries before a kid will like something. Best of luck! Sounds like you found a good trick!



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Your child has sensory issues. call Our Childrens House Baylor and get an evaluation! Don't worry , just act on it. Please call them and they can help. The earlier you start the better the outcome. If you google Sensory Processing disorder you can read up on it. Be careful on your vaccintation schedule. If it were me I would space them out safely. Most doc are so OBLIVIOUS to this and some do not even acknowledge it!!! If you have questions you can email me off line



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My son had/has the same trouble. It is sensory issues. My son is 4 and still can not eat hard texture foods and even some soft texture foods. We have been working with therapists for a while now and have come a long way with him. We still have a way to go, but having someone who knows all about his eating struggles has made this much easier. Check Presbyterian Hospital in Plano

My son went there before we went to in home for him. Please email if you would like. I totally understand how you are feeling.



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I am not familiar with it but I would do some research and maybe there is a medical issue about his eating. You mentioned the eating techniques with your pedi but did you mention the other stuff? If mine don't eat something I just keep trying but yours is choking so that is different than just having textures issues. My oldest has always had a thing about eating slimy textures like yogurt, bananas, pudding, jello etc but he CAN is the point. Good luck.

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