Gagging Relfex Out of Control.......

Updated on April 16, 2007
M.W. asks from Canyon Country, CA
4 answers

Hi ladies,
I might have a weird question, but here goes....... Does anyone out there have a bad gagging reflex problem that won't stop? I gag at almost anything!! LOL! Anyone else experience the same thing?


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answers from Los Angeles on

Hmm, Well I never had a problem with gagging 'til I was pregnant, And it only happens when im brushing my teeth LoL, I dont know why and cant explain it but when my mouth gets even a little bit of the foam build up in it from brushing I start gagging, especially when I brush my tongue. Like I said its never been that way before, It stopped for a month or so after I had her so I thought it was just a pregnancy thing, then it started up again.. Thought I was pregnant there for a couple weeks LoL, But im not and it hasnt gone away.. Odd isnt it?

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answers from Sacramento on

Me too. My husband always makes fun of me. If something smells bad or tastes bad I will gag, and sometimes puke. At least now you know you are not alone. Good luck, and you find some magical cure let me know, hehe.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi M. -

I have a really sensitive stomach, and have always had a crazy gag reflex to go with it. It really is a "mind over matter" issue that you have to mentally work on in order to diminish it. On the medical side of things, taking a low dose anti-nausea pill everyday can help with the gag reflex alot, but on the downside, even a small does of anti-nausea can make you extremely tired (which is not something you need when raising two children!).
I do a mental relaxation exercise when I start to feel the gag coming on: I close my eyes, and focus on relaxing the muscles of my throat while taking slow, deep breaths. Block everything out that you can, most importantly the stimulus that is causing the gag relflex. Focus on the movement of your chest as you breath in and out deeply, taking air in through your nose, and out of your mouth. Try to mentally talk yourself into not being nauseated by what is nauseating you - tell yourself that it is all in your head, and that you have the control.
It works for me - sometimes - but know that you arent the only one out there! (if this is a question of oral sex, thats a completely different can of worms that is a little more difficult to deal with...LOL).

Feel free to message me!




answers from Stockton on

Hi M.,
I am a Medical Assistant. I don't have this problem, but I have heard of it. I don't know how it is treated, though. I would ask your Dr. I hope this helps. Have a great day! K. F

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