Extremely Weak/sensitive Gag Reflex

Updated on October 12, 2014
S.F. asks from Ogdensburg, NY
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Weird topic but I thought I would ask. I remember about 10 yrs ago I had a basic common cold and one day here I am sitting in my computer lab at college and all of a sudden I had this crazy tickle in my throat and in a flash I threw up .... in my hands OMG gross I know but I I didnt know what was happening til it happened. Fast forward to today and ever since that time I throw up at least once with every cold. I now have 2 beautiful little girls almost 3 and 5 and they both seem to have inheirited this horrible gag reflex. Last night my oldest woke me up at 1am to tell me she had thrown up all over her bed so we cleaned it up brought her into our bed and tried to sleep. Not even 10 mins in to trying to pass out she taps my shoulder and literally sits up and projectile vomits all over me. Other than the slight tickle in her throat she was fine. Her stomach didnt hurt and she had a tired smile thru the enitre thing. My youngest also throws up everytime she coughs too much. I asked my dr about it and she said that some ppl just have a weaker reflex than others andvthat there really isnt anything you can do about it. Has anyone or does anyone have this same issue? Its horrible to not have any control over it
Thanks in advance

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I use Children's Liquid Sudafed to keep the drainage thinner. It goes down at night instead of drying in the throat. I'd suggest if they have any drainage giving them 1/4 dose and up to 1/2 dose. They don't need a full dose.

I get mine from a local family owned pharmacy that can order from their own suppliers instead of chain pharmacies that only order what their warehouse buys. My Sudafed is by Rugby.

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answers from Portland on

I had a toddler in my care years ago who would have the same thing happen. The first few weeks she was with us, she'd cry a lot at drop-off and throw up. Once I worked with the family to create a smoother transition, this minimized the tears and the vomiting stopped--- she'd just get so much mucus in her throat and sinuses that this was her body's response. Poor kiddo.

All we could do in the beginning was either have her family drop her off during outside playtime or keep a lined trash can very close by. :( Sorry your family is going through this too.

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answers from Phoenix on

My ex has a gag reflex and both our kids inherited it. It's mostly in the mornings. My daughter has it with smells mostly, my son with sight and smells. They are rarely sick so that has nothing to do with theirs. Once when my daughter was in K she threw up in the bathroom at school...no fever. They called me to get her. I asked her what happened, she said when she walked in it smelled bad and she threw up. I told the school that, they didn't believe me. I actually had to call her doctor and he had to write her a note to go back to school since she wasn't really sick. lol It has gotten better since they've gotten older. Good luck.

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answers from Washington DC on

Do keep the mucus really thin or dried up during colds. OTC medications can help, but at home also consider putting a cool mist humidifier in their bedrooms and running it a lot; also consider raising their heads when they sleep. One good way is to put something under the "head" end of the mattress so the mattress is raised at that end. You also can add a "bed wedge" of foam and put their pillow on top of that wedge. If you raise their heads, when they lie down the mucus won't pool as badly in their throats and make them gag at night. Also ensure that when they have colds or seasonal allergies that they keep their noses blown sufficiently! If they aren't very good at nose-blowing yet, work on it -- it does not come naturally to many people, especially young kids. But if they let their noses fill up, the mucus will start to drain back down and you know what happens then....

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answers from Las Vegas on

I used to have a pretty weak gag reflex. A bad smell or if I saw someone vomit, I was right there with them. Talking about it would trigger a gag, but not necessarily a actual vomit. I am not so sensitive any more and I don't know what changed that for me.


answers from Modesto on

My husband has a weak gag reflex. He vomits while brushing his teeth. He's thankful I do not posses this same reflex :)

It's very common though. What the cure is? I do not know. Maybe keep a bottle of chloroseptic on hand, and spray it in your throat at random... it numbs the back of your throat temporarily.



answers from New York on

My son had this problem - I am so glad to see the responses from other parents so I know I'm not the only one who dealt with it. My situation was like Osohapi's - smells or sights would set him off (heaven forbid there be a lint ball on the kitchen table). He even spit up once while wrestling with my husband when my hub's shirt slipped up and son glimpsed his belly hair!

Luckily he has mostly outgrown it, or is able to just control it more. Hopefully yours will too, but it sounds like yours are more extreme than my son was (we would just get a little "blurp" of barf - kind of like a dog - instead of a lot of vomit).

Good luck!

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