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Updated on May 04, 2011
M.C. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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Hi! Here is some history on this. When my now 17 month old was born we stayed in hospital for 4 days for 2 reasons. 1- the girl who did my epidurial messed up several times before she got it and so I ended up having a spinal headache. They had to do 2 blood patch before i was better. 2- my son was only breastfeed so never any formula so thats not a issue. He had to have his tummy pumped several times (nurses stuck tube down his throat to tummy and sucked out what looked like mucus) They had to do this due to him all of sudden gagging and choking, once even turned blue! Thank God we were at hospital! Well they said it was due to he still had some amniotic fluid from birth and so once they got it all he would be fine. Well after 4 days in hospital and several times of them doing it he was. Another problem he has had since birth was he would spit up any time he was laid down. Not just normal, about everything in tummy. Nurses had to prop up his bassinett in hospital as much as they could and he still would. His peditrician did have a ultrasound done when he was a few weeks old for this reason and it came back "normal". She said he just had bad reflux. He now would spit up tons no matter if he was upright or laying down after every feeding and then some. We had to carry many outfits and change him often. He was put on medication that seemed to help some but never did I see anything huge change. At a few months old he started throwing up when he cried for any length of time. We had to stop several times when we were driving places due to him crying and then trowing up. I then went back to doctor and she said its just his reflux and he will grow out of it. Well around 11 months he finally was not spitting up like crazy anymore so at 1 year he was taken off medication for reflux. He still throws up though when he gets over upset. Here is where I worry. Its not that he throws up, he throws up so bad that once he starts he will continue till his tummy is empty. He gags and sounds like he might choke. It is a violent throw up. You can hear his tummy and see how once it starts he cannot stop. I can see his tummy convulse almost. Its scares me. Here is info, No I dont run over to him every time he cries. He throws fits and I ignore him. He is a typical 17 month old and even when he cries I never run over to him in fear he is gonna throw up, I do let him cry and throw his fits. He only does this like I said when he gets all upset, and he cries everyday for normal kid stuff and is fine. My question is I took him back to doctor and she said its no longer reflux and that he has learned to "make himself throw up due to having reflux bad as a baby". Well he does not get his way every day and thows fits and is fine. I dont give in and dont run over to him. Throwing up only happens about once a week. I tried to explain its not the thowing up that gets me concerned its how it happens and she said its fine. Am I over reacting? Is this nothing? It just happened again and thats why I wrote this, just cuz its so scary when he does this. I have 3 kids and have long dealt with thowing up but never like this. Anyone who has dealt with this please any info would be great. Also one last thing he is below chart on weight. He has always been on line but has now dropped below the line. He goes back in month to get checked out again and for 18 month check up. Doctor said she not worried yet due to his dad is very tall and skinny and will check weight again and see where he is in month and does not think this has anything to do with his low weight. Sorry this is so long, thanks mamas!

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answers from Santa Fe on

My daughter who is 18 months is the same way. It's awful. She has done this since she was an infant, so the doctor says it is not that she is doing it on purpose. It's that some babies have a very sensitive gag reflex and throw up very easily when upset. She will vomit and vomit and vomit everything out of her stomach until she is dry heaving. We cannot do any sleep training with her...we just gave up on that. She also is tall and thin so it worries me (her dad and I are tall and thin BUT her brother was such a chunky baby). The doctor says some kids just do this and she says most grow out of it by two and a half. I HOPE SO. I have had a couple people on this site tell me they had a "puker" and it continued through much of their early childhood - anytime they were really upset they would throw up even in grade school. ugh. OK, I'm going to read your other responses now.


answers from Los Angeles on

Both of my kids do this, my son more than my daughter. My son was to the point where he would throw up 3-4x's a week. He even throws up when he eats too fast or if he sees something gross. I was the same way as a child too. I just think he has a sensitive gag reflex. My son just runs to the toilet or the trash can when he knows he's gonna vomit. But he does throw up everything that's in his stomach, and is totally fine after he vomits, he can even eat and drink right after. My son is not a small kid, he's in the 95% for height and weight, so the vomiting hasn't affected his growth. I don't think that vomiting once a week would affect your son's weight too much anyways. But definitely bring it up at his 18 month check up.



answers from Boise on

I have a friend whose kids have very weak cardiac sphincters. That's the circular muscle at the top of your stomach that squeezes shut to keep things from coming back up. It opens up again to let burps out, to throw up, to let food in, etc.

It really sounds to me like this could be a problem for your little guy. If he lays down and food just comes out, that would trigger vomiting, I would think.

I'm not a doctor, but I did extensive studies in human anatomy and biology. I also have three kids and babysat regularly. This is NOT normal.

I babysat a boy who would throw up when he didn't get his way. When he threw up, he got all sorts of attention. His mom really screwed that kid up, in my opinion. She'd tell him no, you can't have something, so he'd cry really hard, and then she'd pick him up, say she was sorry, hug and kiss him, then give him the thing he wanted. When he threw up, she gave him more and more and more. My sister and I, just from babysitting him frequently, stopped that behavior by making him clean up his own barf (he was only 2) and not giving in to him.

You don't sound like that kind of mom.

And sliding down the weight charts is NOT okay. My husband is very tall and skinny (6'3" and 180 lbs) and none of my kids have changed their percentiles pretty much since they were 1 month old. I have one who is 75% on height and 50% on weight, the second is huge at above 97% on height and 85% on weight, and our skinniest is 90% on height and 50% on weight.

Frankly, I would change pediatricians. If you are worried about your kid, your ped should be, too. I have another story to share about that.
My second baby was the huge one. I breastfed all my babies. When he was 3 1/2 months old, I started taking the mini pill. Baby Z stopped flying through his clothing sizes like he had been (he was in 9 month clothes at the time) and cried a lot. When I took him to his 4 month check up, he'd dropped in his weight percentile. But because he was usually in the 85th %, and he dropped to 50%, I was really worried. But the doctor wasn't, because he was still 50%! I didn't feel right about it, so I followed my mother's intuition. I stopped the pill and suddenly, DS shot out of his clothes and started sleeping more and crying less. He'd just been hungry! He popped right back to the 85% and has stayed there for 5 more years.

Kids should not be changing their percentiles. Mine have stayed constant. I guess the story would be different if your other kids didn't stay constant.

I have a pediatrician now that defers to me most of the time because I have three kids that turned out great. He asks me what I have done with the other boys, if they talked early, etc. He listens when I have concerns and draws medical diagrams to explain things to me. I think everyone deserves a pediatrician like mine, although I think he's a rare gem.



answers from St. Louis on

time for a different doctor. When you go in, take a written list of your concerns. 2nd opinions rarely hurt.....



answers from Washington DC on

First off you are not alone.

My brother used to throw up all of his bottles. This was 20y ago before there were special formulas and baby reflux, etc. My mom would make him 2 bottles. Feed him the first, wait.... he'd throw up, she'd feed him the 2nd and he'd be fine. He has always been skinny and towards the bottom of the charts. He is now 22y, 6'2, and weights 150lbs soaking wet.

I always thought that he was having a problem with the formula, but my mom never saw any specialists.

From what you describe, I would have him seen by a pediatric gastrointernologist and an allergist. There could be an internal physical reason - his stomach flap is weak from the reflux, etc., and there could be an allergy reason, which would explain why he throws up like that. My son used to projectile t/u like that. I have BEEN there! For my son, he had a pear allergy that his body was fighting.

As for the opinion that he has learned to throw up to get his way, this is entirely possible. I know a 10y that does this. He has a very weak gag reflux and only takes a few minutes for him to make a mess.



answers from Dallas on

It might be time to get a referral to a pediatric gastrointerologist. If nothing else you can get a diffent perspective than the pediatrician. My son was very similar to yours, but it took trying three different reflux meds to get his reflux under control. Now he is almost two, and we still take the reflex meds, but it really took going to see the GI doc to get someone to take my concerns seriously. Maybe they can help you guys too.

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