First Aid: Preschooler, Claritin

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Need Bug Bite Help!

Hi there, I have twin 3 year old boys. Practically since birth they have had reactions to mosquito bites. They would get huge red welts that would turn into a bunch of little blisters, or just one really big blister! One of my boys has seem to outgrow it, but the other still has the issue and it seems to get worse sometimes. Last night he got 3 mosquito bites all on the same leg, same area. The got pretty red and somewhat swollen this morning and he just got up from nap with three HUGE blisters on the bites. He keeps complaining...


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Claritin or Zyrtec for Pregnancy and 3 Year Old?

Hi mommies. I am currently 7 months pregnant and my doc said I can take claritin or zyrtec. Which works best!? I am so miserable this year I can barely stand to be awake! My 3 year old is also suffering this year. His doc said the same medicines. Which works best for allergies in adults and children?