Bruise on Breast

Updated on February 17, 2011
J.L. asks from Chula Vista, CA
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I have a really big bruise on my right breast from my under wire bra that came out, it was poking me all day a week and a half ago and i just kept pushing it back down and going about my day, well that night at dinner it was really hurting so i went to take off my bra and there was this really big dark bruise, but also there is a knot in the exact place when the tip of the the wire was poking me, I know it was stupid to go through out my day like that but i did. I'm starting to worry, the knot was not three prior to the bruise, I discovered it and the bruise at the same time. I'm planning on waiting to see if it goes away when the bruise goes away, Any thoughts?

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answers from Phoenix on

Go to the doctor and get it checked out soon!!
Being prepared is always the best

Breast cancer is no fun.

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answers from Cleveland on

id go to the doctor and have them check it out. A bruise is sometimes a sign that there is something wrong especially when there is a knot under it



answers from Los Angeles on

The knot is probably a small hematoma (collection of blood under the skin, like a deep bruise). Use cold compresses, and if it's still there in a couple weeks, see your doctor.



answers from Dallas on

I got cellulitis from having a ball hit me in the breast. At first it was a bruise and bump...and I waited until it felt like something more then a bruise...and it exploded in my body. I was in the hospital on serious IV meds for 2 WEEKS. My immune system was so depleted I got pneumonia really bad after that. I'm not trying to freak you out, of course. It could be nothing, too. But, I a, proof that's it not worth waiting to find out!!!



answers from Amarillo on

Do keep an watchful eye on the bruise. If it has not gone down or it feels different in a couple of weeks contact your doctor. I wear underwires and when the wire comes out it goes immediately in the trash.

Should your bruise or "lump" have no feeling in it contact your doctor. I am not trying to scare you just be aware of your body and how it works. This way if there is anything going on in your body you have a chance to catch or contain it in an area that save your life.

This is coming from a breast cancer survivor of 14 years.

Good luck to you.

The other S.



answers from Atlanta on

Most of the plastics in the underwires are manufactured in China and can have numerous problems if they are directly on your skin. (Remember the flipflops making the feet break out.)Try some high grade tea tree oil on it. It's an antibacterial, antifungal, and it absorbs deep into the skin so it can heal from deep within. Then throw the bra away!

God bless,




answers from Las Vegas on

Dont panic, first of all try not to use a regular bra for now, try wear an all cotton sports bra, no matter what size it will hold you firm, you can get them at target or walmart. Keep the area clean, maybe use peroxide. For the brusing use hot and cold compress or rags. Wait it out a few days. It is more than likley caused from what you said it was. DO NOT panic unless it is still there in week. It is start turning yellow and starts to itich then it is healing. You know your body better than anyone else. Dont forget to get your yearly mamogram. Take care.

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