Large Belly Bruise After Lapro hysterectomy...getting Worse

Updated on September 27, 2011
J.F. asks from Bloomington, IN
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So I had my hysterectomy on the 16th (two Fridays ago). It went better than expected and it was done laproscopically, not abdominally like I feared would happen.

A few days after, I got a very dark black bruise under my belly button incision where it looks like an upside down V, the size of my hand. I went to the Dr. last Tuesday and she wasn't too concerned about it. In fact all she did was draw around it with a Sharpie (yes, my belly looks AWESOME!).

Having a line drawn, I can tell I've had additional bruising (black) on one side. Just over the line. I go back next Tuesday to the dr. and wonder how big a deal it really is. I don't want to spend the $35 co pay to be told it's nothing. I also had to wait 2 hours with little kids. Not something I want to repeat. For me to go again, my hubby would have to take another day off work or half day. We have NO other childcare here.

Has this happened to you? A continual bruise AFTER a surgery?

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So What Happened?

No fevers. No new pain. I think. No belly band. No playroom (OR ANY TOYS) at the dr. office. I never took anything "harder" than ibuprofen since the day after the surgery. Haven't taken ibuprofen often. Took some last night and the evening before because I felt some pain. I would say I am not over doing it, but riding the line. I do pick up the baby who is 20 pounds. Kinda have permission for that and I try to do it from a sitting position or I bend my knees.

UPDATE: Called the dr. They are not worried since my blood work last week was good. Officially told I'm over doing it. Not hot to the touch. Moved my apt. from next Tuesday to this Friday. Was also told that many people are on bed rest for a couple of weeks after. Need to limit picking up the 17 month, I don't know. Thanks for the help and the prod to call. Guess I'm a little stubborn. AND was told that 30 days after surgery they don't charge for post-op appts. Good to know. :)

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14 days post surgery - you should NOT have black your OB NOW and tell them that it has gone over the line..

Are you having pain or fevers with this bruising? If so - the doctor needs to know that as well.

My OB/GYN has a little play center for kids so that mommy can go to the room by herself...I don't know how old your kids are...if we lived closer, i would come so you could go!!

Call them and tell them that the bruising has crossed the line and tell them if you have had any fevers or pain...


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answers from Buffalo on

I have not had this done, but being in the medical field, I would say that the bruise should be getting better, do you feel weak? Tired (more than usual)? My concern is a small leak of blood. The bruise may get bigger but usually within days and then lighten up in color, but if it is still BLACK/Purple and getting slightly bigger I would spend the money and time just to make sure. If it is lightening in color Yellowish, green tint then it is getting better. If it were me I would go get it checked to be safe. Not to worry just to be safe.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Sounds like you have developed a hematoma. While these *usually* are not serious (seriousness often depends on the location of the hematoma in the body), the main concern I'd have if I were you is if there is internal bleeding you are unaware of or an infection setting in. Do you have pain, tenderness, or is the area warm/hot? If you have any of those symptoms you need to go in right away without delay.

In the interim, you should know it is wise to avoid blood thinning drugs like Ibuproferin and aspirin until you see a doctor, as they can cause complications with blood clots/hematomas.


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answers from Richmond on

My BFF just got her boobs fixed, and she didn't bruise until almost 3 weeks afterwards... can you call the doctors office and ask someone instead of going in? Did they give you any kind of belly band to wear afterwards? Feel better :)

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answers from Providence on

You should not be lifting, carrying or bending over for at least a couple weeks afterwards . If you say you think you might be overdoing it, then you are, and your body is reacting to it. I would call the nurse at your OBGYN and notify her about it. Let her know if you have new pain as well. Normal brusing usual goes through a variety of lovely colors, but black brusing may indicate a problem, or significant swelling in that area.

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