Infant First Aid Needs

Updated on February 07, 2007
M.R. asks from Chicago, IL
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I'm about to be a first time mom and am curious to know what pharmaceutical-type items I should include in an infant 'first aid kit' (not things like nasal aspirator, thermometer, scissors/clippers, as I already have a kit with those items). So far I have gas drops, acetaminophen drops, A&D Ointment, and the usual bandaids/cotton balls/cotton swabs, etc.

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well im a mother of 3 healthy girls, and i would like to add to the list of needs is camomille tea, that is great for colics and most infants have it during their first 3 months, most moms tend to stick a bottle of milk in the baby's mouth when thay cry, most babys cry when they are in pain with colics and it's very frastrating not knowing what they cry about, warm camomille tea w/ no sugar is good for them it will not make them sick and will sooth the colics, and it is better than the drops,
p.s. make sure it has no cafeine.



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Hi Michelle,

You should buy an ear thermometer. They are very accurate and you can take your baby's temperature in seconds.




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I think you're pretty much covered. Babies really don't need much. You can't give them ibuprofin before 6 months, though you may want some for later on just in case (then again, you'll have 6 months to go out and buy it). If it's a boy and if you're going to have him circumcised you will want petroleum jelly, but if you do it at the hospital then they'll send you home with a bunch anyway, so you don't need to buy it yourself.

Honestly, I'd think more about *you* than your baby. If you're breastfeeding, make sure you have some lanolin for your nipples (and use it sooner rather than later). Cabbage leaves also help with engorgement, so having a head of that around is good. Also breast pads, maxi pads, etc. for you. Lots of easy to eat food (I used to keep trail mix by my bed!) and a water bottle is also good to have around.



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Okay, as a nurse I will tell you to have infant tylenol and infant motrin. You will want to alternate if your baby has a temp. The gas drops are great too...everything else I would kinda buy as you need it b/c things do expire. A nice diaper rash ointment is great (personally, DRC was awesome for us). I would also recommend that whatever thermometer you have be a really fast read b/c no matter where you put it, they don't like it. I cannot say we really used a lot of other stuff. A little lube or vaseline would be nice if intending to take a rectal temp and thermometer covers are awesome.

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