Seeking Some Help on Strange Bruise.

Updated on February 08, 2007
M.V. asks from Muskegon, MI
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Hey Ladies, My son in almost 2 and very active. I noticed tonight that he has a huge light blue bruise on his stomach and it seems like his little tummy is more bloated than usual. He has hydrocephalus and that causes his stomach to be a little disdended (sp). But this bruise just showed up and doesn't seem to be bothering. I guess I am just asking what this might be because I do not think he feel and hurt himself, could this be a rash. Thanks for your help in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thanks soo much ladies! It ended up being just a bruise. No shunt malfunctions (like what I thought it might be) He must have just done something when I was in the other room. Thanks again. We went to the doctor and he said all was well and he is a happy little boy. Thank goodness

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Hi M.,

I am J. mother of two and grandmother of 11. I would suggest you get him checked by a doctor to make sure it is nothing serious. I say this as a grandmother because one of our grandsons a few years ago began getting bruises for not reason and so my daughter took him into a doctor and was then transfered to a specialist as we found out he had a type of leukemia. Yours maybe nothing but don't take that chance with him. Our grandson was only 5 when diagnosed and now is in remission as a ten year old. Be safe rather than sorry.
Angel Hugs,



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You probley better take him too the doctor! L.



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Hi M., I would probably get that checked out... seeing a bruise and more distention than normal makes me a little worried. Or call your doctor, tell them what you see and that way the ball is in their court... they can tell you if they want to see him, or if it's nothing to worry about. Active little guys can do something in a brief second and you may not have noticed. Hopefully it is just nothing.. but I would at least call your doctor and see what they recommend :)



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I think that it would be a good idea to give your neurosurgeon a call and maybe have a shunt survey done to make sure that his distal catheter didn't break off of his valve. When my sons distal broke, the end stuck in his chest and left a little bruise where the end of the catheter was.

If he has had prior malfunctions and revisions of his shunt, ask yourself if he is acting similar to those times and whether or not he seems to be having head pain also.

My son is 14 years old and got his shunt when he was 17 months old and has had around 50 shunt revisions since he was 2 years old.

Good luck and I really hope that it isn't his shunt, but its a better idea to rule his shunt out first.

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