Scrape Just Below Toddler's Lip, How Do I Treat?

Updated on September 20, 2008
C.A. asks from Plano, TX
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My 21 month old got posessed and crawled RAPIDLY onto a bicycle and fell off. She got a kind of scrape-y thing just below her lower lip. It almost makes me think of what you would see on an arm or leg with rug-burn or something.

To complicate things, she's going through a phase now where she likes to raspberry all the time and all the reasoning in the world that I come up with won't get her to stop doing that. So it's pretty much covered in spit all the time.

This is only day two and it looks like it's trying to scab over, but there's a slight yellow tinge to it. This morning I put some hydrogen peroxide on it with a cotton ball, then after it dried I put a little bit of neosporin ointment. I did the same thing tonight before bed.

This doesn't seem yet like something we should go to the Dr. for and I would really like to avoid this unless it's absolutely necessary...which if it starts looking worse I will do that...but does anyone have any ideas of anything else I could/should do to keep this clean and try to disinfect it?

Thanks so much for your ideas!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your ideas and encouragement. I guess I was slightly freaked about the infection factor. I stuck with the Neosporin at wakeup, naptime, and bed time and it worked perfectly, there's no more yellow in the sore and it's almost closed up.

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Well what you started doing already is the only thing I can think of unless you can get a bandage to stay there. You might want to call her doctors office and just ask them what they suggest because a yellow color indicates it might be getting a little infected. Hope she gets better real soon.

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You're doing everything right!
It will heal, only through time and cleaning.
It should not become infected, just might need a little more time to heal with her drooling.
Don't worry, she will be fine! You're a great mother for being so cautious over her and she's lucky to have you.
Take care!

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Actually, you are handling it just fine!! You might need to apply neosporin more often, just because she is drooling and eating, so maybe as often as she will allow. It will likely heal, but you are right, if it starts looking worse, then I would take her in...but in my house (4 kids), it has to be pretty bad to get a dr. visit! And, they are all still in perfect working order! Good luck ~A.~

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