Facing Foreclosure

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Has Anyone Burned a Bridge with a Close Friend or Vice Versa Regarding Money?

L.C. asks from San Francisco

I'm a extremely sad by the situation my family and I are currently in. LL's home was in foreclosure. LL had plumbing and electrial issues. LL harrassment for rent BEF...


Possibly Homeless and Very Scared

A.K. asks from Columbus

We live in a home owned by my mother-in-law. She told my husband this house would be his inheritance when she passed (she is in good health)and he could live in it n...


Renting First Home & Purchasing 2Nd Home

L.A. asks from Phoenix

Hi Mamas! Wondered if anyone has experience renting a current home and purchasing another? For very good reasons, we need to rent our current home and purchase an...


Need Advice on Helping My Mom Out-she's in Very Tight Spot :(

C.D. asks from Boca Raton

I really need help/advice please. Quick story...My mom moved in with us 2yrs ago due to her losing her home to foreclosure. It was devestating to her and hard on all ...


Budgeting & Coupon Help

A.B. asks from Minneapolis

my husband and i own a townhome that is now in foreclosure due to lack of work at his job. i am a stay at home mom and would prefer to continue this since any job i c...



✿.3. asks from Reading

Currently I am at a crossroads with my marriage. I have asked for advice before but now I'm really seeking advice. My husband is addicted to pain medication. He lost ...


Rules Regarding Heating in Condo Units

V. asks from Chicago

Ok, so I got a Condo conversion unit two years ago and no big issues for a year or so. After that, a lot of issues started appearing here and there with at least two ...


Home Remodeling

J.R. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello! We are considering buying a home that has HUGE potential but has been vacant and not maintained for about 4 years. It's in rough shape. We would get it at...


Considering Refinancing to Consolidate/home Improvement

T.D. asks from Cincinnati

Has anyone out there ever refinanced their homes? We bought our house almost 3 years ago and due to our combined credit situation and us not being married, the house ...


My Staggeringly Stupid Idiotic sister...vent...long

J.B. asks from Boston

More a vent than anything else. And I may be jumping the gun because I haven't yet heard the whole story but...indulge me please! My younger sister met Loser Boy (...