How to Acquire a List of Real Estate Foreclosure List

Updated on April 20, 2007
A.C. asks from Rowlett, TX
4 answers

Where and How to acquire a list of foreclosed homes in Allen or Fairview?

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answers from San Antonio on

Foreclosure lists are considered public notices so you can find them at the courthouse or you can check Don't EVER pay for that information...those websites are scams.

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answers from Dallas on

you can go to and just type in the city that you are looking to move to. also you have to pay to see the pics and everything but all we did is just write down the address and get the mapsco and go and look saves on the money and it was fun.



answers from Dallas on

Realtors have access to this information, but I am not sure other than that. Perhaps someone else does. THere are websites but they charge you for the information.. You can also call the major banks and lending companies for their lists of foreclosures or pending foreclosures. You can also search the HUD website but you will still need a realtor to submit your bid (highest bidder gets the property). If you drive around neighborhoods, you will often see red signs (on FHA loan foreclosed homes)posted on windows of house and it provides info on who to contact to bid.



answers from Dallas on

We just purchased a foreclosure home in Allen. My hubby subscribed to several websites which I can tell you more if you are interested. If you know what neighborhood you like, drive around in that neighborhood and look for the homes that are vacant and have the white signs in the window. We have been looking for that "perfect" home for a long time and finally nailed it and we have looked at many, many, in Allen so let me know. Also Starcrest realty does ONLY foreclosures, so you can browse their site and look for homes too. Let me know if you have any questions.


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