Has Anyone Gone Thru a Foreclosure? Losing My Home.

Updated on August 24, 2011
C.C. asks from Visalia, CA
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I just got word that we didn't qualify for a modification. been trying for quite awhile. I lost my job and Husband retired early because of a bad heart. We been living in our home for 13 years. we missed 2 months worth. we are broken hearted, but kind of relieved, well I am, tired of juggling bills, scraping money for the little things in life, tired of just struggling since 2009.

We have 30 dys to respond to the deny letter, then they will start to foreclose.. wondering if they'll give us a month or two to leave the property. We have animals to find homes for. all of them have been with the house since the beginning.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I will send you the name and number of two people who might be able to help it is not cheap. they are two different kinds of help you decide which will work for you

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answers from Atlanta on

The ladies have some good advise here. I agree with Chelle. Foreclosure is a process. Even if you lose your home, there is also an eviction process which will give you more time as well. Don't move until you have to. I do property inspections for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and deal with those that are in the process of foreclosure. The banks move quickly on vacant homes. They have PLENTY of them to deal with. As long as you are in your home, things will move slower. I also agree that you should continue to appeal but the modification process that the banks have set up is somewhat of a joke. VERY few get approved. Only those that keep appealing will see ANY results. I have been doing this for two years now and I am still doing inspections on some of the same homes I was inspecting when I started. Most of the people know me when I show up...I even had a lady invite me in for cookies last Christmas!

Hang in there. Life does continue...it's better for us now!


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answers from Chicago on

Foreclosure is a process. Just because they denied your modification, doesn't mean you'll have to move out over the next few months. Some people I know have remained in their home 18-24 months before the process was actually completed or resolved at the last minute. (That's 18-24 months w/o having to pay mortgage and $$$ you can use for bills and daily needs.)

Also, look at HAMP https://www.hmpadmin.com/portal/index.jsp. It's a government program that offers modifications if your mortage company is a participant of the program. You should also look at your state's forclosure process for your state. http://www.foreclosure.com/statelaw_IL.html. Any documents you receive from the court, be sure to go on your scheduled court date as they may be able to assist you any further.

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answers from Dallas on

I had a mortgage approved for way too much money that I couldn't afford and got a house that ended up being a money pit and I just couldn't do it anymore. We were broke, our marriage was failing and it was the best decision I made walking away. It doesn't happen over night. Like y'all they supposedly tried to help us but we didn't qualify and had to pay about 4000 just to get it back in good standings. Ummm I don't have that kind of money! It was 11 months before the house was bidded on. They didn't even clean it out till after that was done. I don't know how long we could've stayed there because I wanted to go but I know it could of been at least 6 more months. Im sorry this is happening to you and im praying for y'all. I know how it feels my dear. Keep looking up love :)

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answers from Phoenix on

It took my husband and I 4 times of appealing the modification request we made before they approved it. Four times! It was a huge struggle. Don't give up. Appeal it as many times as you can and readjust your income and outgoing bills for the modification app. I am so sorry you all have to go through this. My husband lost his job back in January and we have been struggling too. We have only one vehicle and we can't make the payment. No buses run this way and we have two small children. America is in a mess for sure. I hope things get better for you all. I feel for you having to get rid of your animals. Don't give up on the modification.
Here is a website that may help you all.

Seems like all Americans are going to end up in the streets. These stupid banks get so much money to help us, and then they are being stingy and making it hard for us to receive the help. Ugh...Wishing you best of luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

have you tried to file for bankruptcy so you don't lose the house?

I'm sorry you weren't approved for the loan modification...sucks...

My best friend has been working with Wells Fargo for 18 months on her modification - she was told no - didn't take no for an answer and has continually gone back to them and has made progress...yeah - it's a long time - but they would rather work with you than have to do the foreclosure thing - as they end up losing more money that way...and we know mortgage companies are all about money....

I totally get that you are struggling...please go to the library and check out Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman or some other financial guru to help you get your stuff together...you CAN do this!!!

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answers from Detroit on

Let me guess: Bank of America. I've known three people to go through this.

Go to a real estate agent. They help with this.

A friend went to a lawyer. The lawyer said that this is very common right now, and for the most part, there is little a lawyer can do.

Do go to YouTube and look up a video of a couple who were wrongly accused of defaulting on their loan (they has paid cash for the house). They got a lawyer who got an order to take the bank's assets in order to pay for the lawyer fees. It was in Florida.

I also understand that you get to stay for 18 months after the foreclosure.

Best wishes to you. You are not alone in this struggle.

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answers from New York on

I feel for you, I managed to get a modification - thank god. Or we would be right there too. A very close friend of ours is going through foreclosure now...they had 3 years rent free in their house, not one penny paid. Then when foreclosure started, they went into a mod process which took them out of foreclosure. They got their mod approved but still find they're in over their heads. So they're going to foreclose. First however, they are paying on the mod for a couple months to make sure the foreclosure proceedings start at the beginning again so they have time to save money. It is unethical on the one hand, but on the other hand, they will have to suffer the consequences, they are after all losing their house. So I completely stand by them on their decision, even if it may not be what I would do. Another friend short sold her house and was the best thing she ever did. She is so relieved. She is renting now, a small house (she's a single mom of 2 preteen daughters. They pay a ton less for their home. It is a cute tiny little house but just fine for the three of them and the awful stress of financial doom is off their backs! Get a lawyer!! Good luck!

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answers from Santa Barbara on

If I were you I would keep trying. Don't give up but it sounds like you want out anyway.

Why don't you take your animals with you to your rental or where ever you are going??

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answers from Los Angeles on

We JUST got a home loan mod - it took over a year! You may have to keep working at it. We finally hired an attorney. It cost $1500. But it finally got the bank to do something. We literally got approved days before our home was to go on the auction block!!!
Loan Modification Specialist
The Law Offices of Phillip Evans
442 W Esplanade Ave Ste 102
San Jacinto, CA 92583
The bank required us to work with a credit counseling agency, they were quite helpful. They discourage the attorney route though. But they can explain the whole process to you as well as your options. Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management, Inc. (800) 431-8456
You might be better off to negotiate a short sale instead of letting them foreclose.
If you foreclose, it will be months. You say you've got 30 days. At the end of 30, they'll file a notice of default, that will probably buy you 90 days. At the end of that, it will go up for auction, that will probably be 30-60 days. Depending upon who buys it, an investor or a home buyer will depend upon how quickly you have to vacate. These are pretty much minimums. I've known people to stay a year or more. And, if you wait out the whole process, they'll usually give you several thousand dollars in cash to vacate the property in a timely manner.
If you want to save the house, then pay what you can each month. If you don't then pay off outstanding bills and save for rental deposits.
Good luck and God Bless!!!!

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answers from St. Louis on

I am not trying to sound flip but there are people that have been in their homes for seven years since the foreclosure proceedings started. I doubt you have seven years but at the moment foreclosures are proceeding very slowly.

Why don't you call the bank and ask then how they will be proceeding.



answers from Reno on

The first thing you need to do is know what type of loan you have on your home, i.e., do you have a Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac loan. The guidelines are a bit different for these types of loans. The next thing you need to do is contact your attorney general's office and find out what the state guidelines are for foreclosure in California. The laws change with some frequency, so it's good to know exactly what you are dealing with. Last I checked, FM/FM (government backed) loans required a 60 day notice period, but Nevada, for example, may give "regular" loans 90 days notice.
Basically, your lender will need to file a notice of default/election to sell or similar document and wait the appropriate period of time, usually 60-90 days (varies by state). There are specific requirements regarding notice of this filing (i.e., posted at your house, personal delivery, certified mail, notice to all interested parties, public notice, etc., and your AG's office should be able to give you this information as well). Then they post a sale date which is usually a minimum of 20-30 days out. The sale can be postponed and if that is done 3 times, most states require that this process start over. (This is how some people end up in their homes for a long period of time.) They are then required to give you notice to move, but this differs by state and whether or not you are a tenant, so this is also information you should ask your AG's office. As I mentioned, a FM/FM loan does have different guidelines and if you have this type of loan, the AG's office should be able to provide links or phone numbers to that information for you. Assuming worst case, you should have probably have 3 months in your home before you will have to move.



answers from Los Angeles on

these days there are many options for you
1. work out a plan with your lender for reduced payments based on hardship circumstances, often the lenders will give you a payment that is less than half the regular amount and add the missed ones to the back of the mtg
2. if they won't work out something with you and the house goes into fc then seek an agency to delay trustee sale on the property, in CA there are companies that will do it and the cost is about 1000 per month. They can delay the FC and keep you in the house a good long while
you need some good luck
delay it as long as possible and keep working on whatever you can do



answers from Pittsburgh on

Could you possibly try to sell it QUICK before the foreclosure?



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi C., Im sorry to hear about your home situation. Unfortunately this is happening all too often these days. I havent been through a forclosure but your situation is something that my husband specializes in. he has helped numerous people with this issue. He is NOT trying to get anything out of helping you. He does NOT ask for any "up front" fee's, he is very genuine and will not take advantage of anyone's situation. He may not be able to help save your home due to the forclosure but he might be able to get you more time to figure out what your next steps should be. He could even help you find a new place. If you would like you can call him-His name is Tom Ashley, ###-###-####. This is what he does for living-so to speak. Its still realestate right?! lol. Just thought it might help, you sound a little lost and frustrated. Good luck.
M. A.



answers from Provo on

I am right there with ya. Each state (and mortgage company) has their own set of rules regarding this type of thing. In my state they can not get me out for at least 7 months. Some mortgage companies will go longer but mine won't. Once they put a tag on your door they will tell you how long you have. I think I would do some research on line and see the different options for you. I know they have Cash for keys program and you would need to check into that for your state. Good luck, times are hard! :)


answers from Phoenix on

Gosh, in 13 years, don't you have some equity in your home? If you only missed 2 payments yet have 13 years of equity in your home, can you at least borrow the monthly payments for a few months and do a regular sale. so you don't trash your credit with a foreclosure? Even if you live in an area where home prices have plummeted, due to all the foreclosures, your home value versus 13 years equity shouldn't be that much different!

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