Facing Foreclosure

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Gift for a New Teacher

R.L. asks from Los Angeles

OK, not really a kid question, but you Mamas have great ideas! My sister is graduating later this month with a masters in special education (all types, but focuses on...


Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Cleaning

M.F. asks from Colorado Springs

Hi Mamas, We just bought a home with hardwood floors, and in the high traffic areas they are grey looking. I am thinking that is where the varnish is worn through--...


How Not to "Judge"

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

I will probably get raked through the coals by a few for this one, but my cousin (who is also my close friend) has recently made a lot of choices that do not sit well...


Looking for Child Friendly Subdivisions

K.M. asks from Atlanta

My 2 children and I are looking to move after my husband is granted the divorce he wants. My children are 5 and 6. We are looking to move somewhere in the north Ful...


Need Tax Appraisal Dispute Assistance on Home

J.S. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a realtor that can help me with disputing my recent tax appraisal. McKinney's Central Appraisal is valuing my home almost $9k higher than last year!...


Single Mother Groups and Things to Do with Daughter

J.J. asks from Detroit

I have been in a relationship with a 43 year old 'boy' for 1 1/2 years. My daughter has grown somewhat attached. This concerns me as I lost my home to foreclosure and...


Finances/finding a Home or Place to Live

R.L. asks from Dallas

I am a single mom with an 18 month old daughter and I would love to find a little place for us to call home! I have a steady job, making $28800.00 annually. Unfortu...


Has Anyone Ever Purchased a Short Sale?

D.N. asks from Chicago

We are currently living in a building we own but really fed up with the other owner and thinking of selling this one to get our house-which we have wanted for some ti...


Mortgage/Refinance Problem ***Please Help!***

R.L. asks from Detroit

I have a huge problem and don't know what to do. 5 years ago my husband decided to refinance our home, and during this process he ended up in the hospital. He almost ...


Moved to Minnetonka W/2 Year Old, Looking for a Playgroup

M.M. asks from Minneapolis

I recently moved to Minnetonka, MN from St. Louis, MO with my husband & 2 year old daughter. I am totally disoriented here and besides my in-laws, I do not know anyon...