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Taking Child to the Movies

S.H. asks from Huntsville

I am curious when everyone took their child(ren) to the movies for the first time. How old were they? My daughter is only 15 months old now. She will watch TV for ...


Do I Offer to Pay?

N.Z. asks from Los Angeles

I want to invite one of my daughter's friends and his mom to go swimming with us at a members only pool. We're allowed to bring two guests for $10 each. Since I'm i...


Appropriate Age at the Movies

J.C. asks from Dallas

Some friends are going to take their 3 year olds to watch the upcoming Cars 2 and they've invited my preschooler to go. My son has never been to the movie theater, a...


Okay to Pay @ Amusement Park for a Birthday Party

M.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hello my name is M. and my daughter is turning 13 years old and she would like a birthday party. Now I told her that she has a budget, and I suggested Hurricane Harbo...


What Do You Have Your Kids Pay For?

N.S. asks from Chicago

Thanks to all the mamas on here we are getting on track with my little 9-year old spender stepdaughter with expensive taste! She always wants us to buy her stuff, dem...


Any Great Budget Suggestions??

J.M. asks from Phoenix

My husband and I recently decided that we needed to do something about the debts that we have. I mean it isn't terrible but we both have student loans and we have a ...


Need Help with Creating a Household Budget for the New Year

K.B. asks from Port St. Lucie

Hello to all of my moms out there. With the economy in the state that it's in, I'm finding myself needing to create a realistic budget for myself and my household. ...


Downloading Music Online

D.A. asks from Fort Myers

Can anyone tell me what is a good and safe website for teens to download music from? Thanks


What Would You Pay a Tutor?

R.N. asks from Phoenix

Just been racking my brains for ways to help my family get some additional income...and I thought, well im a teacher, I have over 5 years experience as a middle schoo...


How to Pack a Carry on with Snacks and Entertainment and Get Through Security?

M.R. asks from St. Louis

I am lost on what to pack in a carry on, to travel on a plane with a child and still get through security. Actually we are going to Disney and we are staying on the ...