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Birthday Party Entertainment - Any Recommendations?

R.B. asks from Miami

there are so many individuals and companies offering kids entertainment services and I dont know how to select one of them - this is my son's first birthday so I have...


Maybe This Was Asked Before, but Do You Bring Your INFANTS to Movies?

M.P. asks from Minneapolis

There was a hot debate at a meeting yesterday, about bringing infants to movies. All after the 3 month old that was shot at the movie theater. Now it was not determin...


Do You Give Gifts by Amount or Cost?

M.D. asks from Washington DC

Just curious. Do you go for the bigger show on Christmas morning or for more quality gifts? I know growing up my mom made sure we all had the same amount of things to...


Lunch Budget

J.G. asks from Chicago

Hubby has taken to eating lunch out with workmates. Needless to say, we use to spend very little on his lunch budget, but now it has tripled. What is a reasonable amo...


Music and Your Children

D.D. asks from Chicago

What kind of music do you let your children listen to? I let my kids listen to whatever they want. Whatever they like. I grew up on pop (and rap...some hardcore ra...


Home Budget

B.T. asks from San Antonio

Hey Mom's. I am a single full-time working mom and doing ok. However, I know that I can budget better. I know that this will sound stupid, but how do it do it? Are th...


Music Downloads

A. asks from Dallas

Hi Mama's...wanted to know what is the best site to go to for downloading music. I've done it from Walmart, but at .99 a song....seems like there should be a better ...


Budget Ideas

C.Z. asks from Sioux City

Hi mommas, Ok so my bf just got a job so it is not all up to me anymore. I am so happy! Here is the delema, I have this fear that we will blow money because we h...


Advise in Setting a Budget for College Student

K.W. asks from Springfield

Have a grandson who is off to College this month. Been a lot of years since we sent a child off to college and am wonder how to set up a budget for him. Wondering ...


Grocery Budget

R.M. asks from Colorado Springs

My husband wants us to cut back on grocery spending. Right now we spend about $90 a week for the two of us and our daughter, who is still in diapers. We buy nothing b...