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16 Year Old with Job - Help Pay?

T.B. asks from Eau Claire

My 16 year old just started a job. We have never asked for her to pay for anything - including gas/fun money/cell phone, etc. Course she never had a job before eith...


Am I Wrong for Listening to Explicit Music Around My Daughter?

K.B. asks from Augusta

The other day when my daughter invited her friends to sleep over yesterday, I overheard her using cuss words around her friends. I haven't told her about it yet thoug...


Birthday party---Budget and Chuck E Cheese

D.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter wants her 5th Birthday at Chuck E Cheese. I have a very small budget for the party and my house is not large enough to have it at home. She loves Chuck ...


School Budget, Fundraisers and So Much WASTE!!!

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

This totally drives me crazy and I wonder if other schools do this too. This is half questions and half rant. I understand that schools need to do fundraiser occasi...



M.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello Moms, I am trying to find some ideas for entertainment for my sons Cub Scout Pack for next year's Blue and Gold Ceremony (a year end celebration). The target a...


Family Christmas Gift on a TIGHT Budget

K.F. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I am in need of some ideas for a Christmas gift for our family in New York. We have a large family and we rotate which family to give gifts to every year. this...


Going to Movies Alone

C.M. asks from Washington DC

Hey! So, have you ever gone to see a movie by yourself? I always thought I would feel weird doing that, but I'm actually thinking about it now. Since moving here I do...


Looking for Any Tips to Plan Great Wedding on a Tight Budget

K.K. asks from Dallas

Hey Mamas, I am looking for any ideas, suggestions, and the like on planning a wedding on a tight budget. Any tricks, places, ANY thing you know I would love for you...


Free Summer Movies Here??

J.H. asks from Chicago

do any of the local area movie theaters offer FREE kids movies during the summer? I just moved from Charlotte, NC where AMC would offer kids (and parents) to come on...


"How to Make to a Budget" Suggestions Needed!

K.H. asks from Johnson City

Hi! I am looking for a simple uncomplicated budget maker. I am very organized when it comes to the bills but I have yet to come up with a budget. Any tips that you h...