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Updated on July 09, 2012
E. asks from Mesa, AZ
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Hi Moms! We are traveling with our 5 and 7 year olds this week. We have an I pad and a dvd player. We were hoping to just take the I pad but I cannot figure out how to get movies (that we already have) on the I pad. Trying to avoid paying $10 a piece through Apple if possible. Am I completely missing something? Thanks a bunch!

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answers from Chicago on

Do you mean getting movies that you purchased through iTunes to load onto your iPad?



answers from Phoenix on

Due to copyright issues, Apple doesn't allow you to just put a movie on your computer, which is super annoying because I couldn't even put my family videos on my computer/ipad. So I googled it and of course there is a solution. I downloaded a free software called Handbrake and converted the DVDs to .mp4 files, which I could then put on my ipad, smartphone, or view on our computer. It's a little complicated, but it's awesome to have all my family videos and the movies my kids love on our ipad wherever we go. I've edited my family videos of me as a kid, all on to one DVD without all the excessive boring stuff and I made a music video of my husband growing up for his 30th surprise birthday party. So for me it's worth it to get this stuff on my mac.
Here are instructions if you have a mac:
If you have a PC:
From now on I just buy movies on itunes or make sure I get one with a digital copy.


answers from Austin on

Do you have Netflix? With their membership you can stream some movies.
They have movies that can be downloaded for a monthly fee.

But unless you have an apple computer, I do not think there is a way to hook up you DVD player to your iPad and download a copy of movies or download the DVDs to the iPad.



answers from Chicago on

If you are talking about movie files that are already on your home computer, make sure they are in your iTunes library. Then sync them onto your iPad. You watch them by clicking on the "videos" icon.

If you just have the DVDs and want to convert them to mpeg files so you can watch them on iTunes, you need to buy software for that. And you have to do that on the computer. I think if you do a search like "DVD to iPod converter" you will find a few software options. I think they should cost around $40. Be careful with this software though. None of these programs are authorized by Apple or Microsoft, so you want to make sure you're not buying anything with spyware. You might even ask your friends if they have any recommendations.

Good luck!

Oh, and one more thing. The video files take up quite a lot of memory. If you only have a 16GB iPad, it might not fit very many movies on it.



answers from Albuquerque on

If you have the physical DVD only, then you have to buy a software program that converts the DVD into a file that can be played on your iPad. If you have a digital copy then you can just load on your iPad.



answers from Pittsburgh on

'Already have' how?

•A physical DVD that you bought? All I can think of is to load them into iTunes on your desktop computer or buy or rent from iTunes.......
•Already purchased from iTunes? Use iCloud to download to the iPad device.

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