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M.M. asks from Los Angeles

hi everyone. my husband and i are are trying to make a budget and want to stick with it. i would love suggestions and ideas on you guys budget and come up with re...


Advise in Setting a Budget for College Student

K.W. asks from Springfield

Have a grandson who is off to College this month. Been a lot of years since we sent a child off to college and am wonder how to set up a budget for him. Wondering ...


How to Help Music Student

G.M. asks from Philadelphia

I am home all summer. My talented hard-working university music student kid is away at a fabulous summer program. I have a lot of free time. Does anyone have an...


Adult Child Issues

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, When does an adult child, mine for instance he is 20 become responsible for their own choices?? My son who is 20 years old almost 21 lives with his dad...


Taking an "Adult" Child on Vacation? Yes, No, They Help Pay???

3.B. asks from Cleveland

Long story short we have shared parenting of my oldest. But he spends most time there as we have rules and expectations here and he doesn't like that lol But I do NOT...


Should We Still Pay for 20 Year Olds College If He Moves in with Girlfriend?

K.K. asks from Nashville

My husband and I have saved and sacrificed to finance both our two sons college educations.We have been honest with them that need to earn the education by being resp...


How Do I Accept That My 18 Yo Daughter Is Dating a 30 Yo Man?

R.D. asks from New York

My 18 yo daughter is a freshman in college across state. A 30 yo man that we only knew of as her friend took her away for an off-the-grid, no cell service camping tri...


How Much to Pay House/dog Sitter?

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

We are going on a family vacation in July and have asked my DH sister (who is 21) to come stay at our house for 1 1/2 weeks. We have a dog who she will walk daily. S...


Looking for Entertainment Ideas for 18 Year Old Brother-in-law's Visit to Colora

S.C. asks from Denver

My husband's 18 year old brother is coming to visit from a very small farm community in central Illinois the second weekend of February, and I'm looking for ideas fro...


Loud Thumping Music, What Can I Do????

A.V. asks from San Francisco

Ok ladies, I need your help. It's 3:55 am and I have been up for the last hour listening to the thumping of some jerk's music. This happens pretty much every Thursday...