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Birthday Ideas

N.A. asks from Dallas

My son's second birthday is just three weeks away and I have no clue what to do for his party. We are on a tight budget so I can't afford something huge... does anyon...


Auction Donation Ideas

S.Q. asks from Chicago

I would like to donate an item to an upcoming school auction, but we are on a very limited budget right now. Have any of you made any interesting donations that didn'...


Minivan Question

R.C. asks from Jackson

We are buying a minivan very soon and instead of paying an extra $2000 for the video system we thought we would just buy an iPad to use in the car. I am a bit concer...


Costco Diapers

K.H. asks from Minneapolis

I have been using the Target branded diapers for my 3 young ones and they have worked fine until now. My 2 yr old started to leak thru during the night and now my twi...


What Do You Do to save Money?

C.V. asks from Columbia

We have a budget. We live within our means. We're not in debt (other than the mortgage). I'm just looking for ways we can save a few dollars here and there in orde...


Budget of 1000 Dollars a Month?

A.G. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I just really went through our transactions and realized that we spend almost 1000 US dollar a month on groceries (including diapers for the youngest one)! We...


Sweet 16

C.A. asks from Dallas

I am looking for ideas specific to food ideas and party themes for a sweet 16 party for a female who's parents do not have a "large" budget. Thank you in advance.


Needing Advice on Play Yards

B.F. asks from Philadelphia

I work at home and my little guy is now crawling and getting into everything. There are times I cannot keep an eye on him due to being on the phone or having to be in...


Help! I Am a Dunce with Money!

T.M. asks from Chicago

Ok, we're not super bad shape or anything, but my husband has a new (very demanding) job, and so he has passed over all the financial chores -- paying bills, keeping ...


Ipod Mp3 Player ?

L.L. asks from Hartford

My son is turning 8 and is asking for an ipod. I know nothing about them, the different kinds or how much they cost. He did get a cheap mp3 player for xmas last year ...