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Updated on July 17, 2011
N.A. asks from Roanoke, TX
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My son's second birthday is just three weeks away and I have no clue what to do for his party. We are on a tight budget so I can't afford something huge... does anyone have any simple, low cost party ideas for a two year old?

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answers from Dallas on

We did my daughter's 2nd and 3rd parties at Going Bonkers in Lewisville.... Super cheap to do a walk in party.... you pay $5 per kid and $1 an adult, you just have to get there early to put together some tables... both years under $100 spent.... it was nice to let the kids run and play , then open presents and have cake....
call and ask about a walk in party and they will give you the information
Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

For my daughter's 2nd party, we just went to Chuck E Cheese during the week with 2 friends.

A family trip to the zoo followed by an ice cream party would be fun too.

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answers from Dallas on

We don't do birthday parties for our kids before age 3. We just make a cake, get a couple helium balloons, and have close family over. It keeps it simple, and is still lots of fun for the birthday boy/girl. We kept it nearly as simple (&cheap) for my sons third birthday. We just went to a playground with a pavilion, decorated it with festive tablecloths, balloons, and plates, and had pizza and cake. The playground was more than enough entertainment for the kids, and I called around until I found a good deal on the pizzas. Since your party is in the summer, maybe you can find a free splash park nearby?

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answers from New York on

For my son's birthday we invited our immediate family and our best friends to come over for burgers and cake. Nothing fancy and the family all offered to bring food, so it was easy and inexpensive!

Honestly, he's not going to remember it at all, so don't stress. We did a bigger party (still on a decent budget) with his preschool friends this year because he now understands the whole birthday thing, but for his 2nd? Burgers, cake and presents!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I hear you, I did my little guy's 2nd birthday party in April. I went with Elmo, and made Elmo cupcakes and placed them in a large circle, the kids loved them! I purchased solid color plates, napkins, cups and tablecloth's to coordinate at Dollar Tree, as well as items for party favors. I got the goodie bags, bubbles (3 bottle pk), lollipops, sidewalk chalk (4 5pks for $1!), and party blow-outs (8 in a pack). Here's a link to the cupcakes I made:

Another idea I toyed with but decided to use next year when he's more into blocks is for a Lego party. Very easy cake and I 'm going to do the same as this year and buy party supplies & favors at Dollar Tree. Here's a link to a Lego Party on a Budget:

Just remember that your little guy will love whatever you do! : )



answers from Dallas on

I did Dinosaur and they have that theme at the dollar tree one pack of plates for theme and some napkins. Utensils the same color. THe rest cheap plates from wal mart or target. For activities. We colored a dinosaur coloring page. And had a dinosaur egg hunt. In the eggs were stickers and something else I can't think of it at the moment. Pizza cake and Ice cream, two hours and it was a hit.
My budget was like $80.00.



answers from Cleveland on

simple, just family, make your own cake or i think homemade cookie cakes taste pretty good too. Elmo is a cute theme for this age if you want to splurge on napkins. or take a small toy he likes that he owns already clean it up and use it as a table decoration or a cake topper.



answers from Dallas on

my boys are 13 and 8 and i don't "get it" when parents spend lots and lots of money on birthdays. what does your son like? freeze his favorite colored ice, duck, duck goose, races, make a cookie cake (doesn't have to be fancy-you make with love) and use his favorite colors. if you make a cookie cake the oven's temperature must be on low and cook it for an hour or more, depending on how big it is. if you want to do a craft make paper airplanes- have kids color designs and adults help so the plane will fly, play music on a recorder the whole time, have kids decorate a cookie instead of a cookie cake-doesn't need to be fancy, can be messy but minimize the mess by using white icing and m & m's, reeces' pieces, buy one bag of each (you can get knock off brands) 2 year olds will run around anyway. have fun, take pictures. w



answers from Dallas on

Honestly, he's not going to remember it. Just make your own cake and invite family only.



answers from Dallas on

Call Lena at Jump House Dallas (?) and get a bounce house for $100. Then go to Toys R Us and get a cheap inflatable pool on sale with a water level of about 18 inches.



answers from Tyler on

I didn't start the b-day parties until age 3. I had 3 children in 3 years, so I gave them parties at ages 3, 6, 9, and 12. Then I stopped! First of all, our friends didn't owe my kids a gift every year, and I didn't think our girls should have a big party every year. The off years it was strictly family or their dad took them out on a "date." I think people have gone way overboard on the party thing.

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