Eating Out: Toddler, Steroids

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Help! Steroids Affecting Baby's Sleeping/eating

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

My 16 month old baby can catch the FLU and she can catch a COLD, but she just can't CATCH A BREAK!! She's so tiny and we're working with doctors to monitor her weight...


21 Month Son Has Dry Patches/small Bumps on Skin

K.S. asks from Charlotte

My son was born with tiny bumps on the back of his arms (like mommy). Now, his back is so dry and after bath, the skin on his back turns very red. I use johnson & joh...


How Much Whole Milk Should a 14 Month Old Have?

J.D. asks from New York

Hi Moms - Happy New Year! Can anyone tell me how much milk my 14 month old should have? Currently, I'm still giving him 3 (8 oz) bottles of milk. My friend just took...


Allergy Testing for 13 Month Old

S.T. asks from Columbus

My 13 month old has severe excema on his head and face. At our last doctor visit (last week) my doctor suggested that we get him tested for allergies to see if that ...


14 Month Old with Excema and Psoriasis

K.H. asks from Portland

Hi, my almost 14 month old son has been having major skin issues since about April when I slowly started to wean him. It started out as excema behind the knees which...


In and Out of the Hospital with 13 Month Old

S.L. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 13 month old son who has had lots of problems with asthma. The first time he was hospitalized for it he was only 7 weeks old and it has been an on going batt...


My 17 Month Old Can't Get Rid of Her Cold

K.H. asks from Spartanburg

My daughter is 17 months old and she just started daycare. We have been struggling with a cold for about two weeks now. She had gotten better for a few days than it c...


21 Month Old Daughter Always Sick

M.S. asks from Dallas

Ok, I am a first time mom, but I can't help feeling like my little girl is ALWAYS sick. Since January, she has had 7 ear infections which have finally been put under...


Skin Condition for My 21 Month Old Son

T.J. asks from Flagstaff

My son, who is now about 21 months old, has always had excema. Or at least that is what his pediatrician has said. We've used aquaphor, vaseline, and several differen...


6 Month-Old Not Eating Enough

L.M. asks from Austin

Hi everyone-- My daughter just had her 6-month checkup and is near the bottom %ile in body weight, I guess? She's 27 inches long (very long!) and weighs 13 lbs, 11...