Family Restaurants with Decent Veggie Offerings? Fort Worth

Updated on October 14, 2013
P.G. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Hi Moms - I live in Beef-land, world of fried food (LOL). I'm not looking for a vegetarian restaurant, but any family friendly restaurants that have some variety of side vegetables that aren't canned green beans/canned corn or okra, or that have a salad bar that has some variety.

What family restaurants have you found where you though "wow, they had a nice variety!"?

We just ate at CiCi's pizza, and I know it's a pizza place, but wow, it's amazing how little healthy options there are at some places. I guess we're just looking for some balance...


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answers from Dallas on

Just want to agree with the suggestion for Jason's Deli! They have a great selection for kids as well as a great salad bar. CAUTION--you might become addicted to their mini ginger muffins that are included in the salad bar! They are really tasty! Also watch out for the ice cream and dark chocolate sauce that is free! Can you tell I like sweets, which I have to limit now.
P., you sound like a great mommy!!

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answers from Washington DC on

Souper Salad is always a hit for our family. I think Black Eyed Pea has some decent veggie options. Possibly Cracker Barrel, but with them you are getting into "country cookin'" territory ;-) The buffet places like Golden Corral & Ryan's usually have a decent selection. Hmmm... that's all i can think of in the Fort Worth area though I'm sure there are plenty more.
One of the most annoying things for us has been the lack of decent food on the kids menus at most restaurants. Pretty much everywhere you go it's burger, nuggets, hot dog, or grilled chesse. Can I get some grilled chicken or something flavorful for my kiddos?! Why do the creators of restaurant selections think all kids eat is junk?

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answers from Houston on

We LOVE Sweet Tomatoes. Have been going there since my children were toddlers. We have a "rule" and that is to try something new from the salad bar each time. They also really like the soups. Sign up for their ClubVeg and you can get coupons. We also love Jason's Deli...very good, healthier kids' plate options and decent prices.

Edited to add that I remembered this website I came across awhile back. It's called They rate the menu options of many popular chains for both grown up and kids menu options. You can search by city and find out what restaurants in your area offer healthy eating out ideas!

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answers from Dallas on

Jason's Deli is a favorite at our house.

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answers from Los Angeles on

How about California Pizza Kitchen? I don't know how far of a drive that is for you. They have a great kid's menu and lots of options for veggies. It's a bit pricey for me, but I indulged myself at CPK several times a week when I was pregnant with baby#3. It was one of the only restaurants that served food that didn't make me nauseous. Good luck!


answers from Chicago on

Do you have Red Robin's down there? (I've been to them in the Midwest and California, so I'm assuming TX has them too).

They have great kids' menus and lots of veggies, but also very satisfying burgers, etc.

Ruby Tuesday's is also great and has a wonderful salad bar. They have sides like grilled asparagus, mashed cauliflower, and spaghetti squash. Family favorite for us.



answers from Dallas on

THis is one of the many reasons we don't go out to eat often. We too, hate all the canned veggies.

I can think of higher end places that have exceptional veggie choices...Del Friscos, Texas De Brazil or Boi Na Braza (Grapevine, not FW), but I wouldn't exactly call these "family restaurants", although we have taken our kids to the Brazillian places for lunch.

There are standards like subway, Jason's deli, Corner Bakery or Panara Bread. Our neighbors are vegetarians, so we hit up Asian restaurants together. Many of these places have great vegetable choices, but that is not much help if you don't like the cuisine. A vegan friend of mine likes the Salad Bowl on Western Center quite a bit. I haven't been, but apparently you make your own custom salad. He raves about their quality. Mi Concina's is a Tex-Mex place, but their veggies and sides always seem like good quality...and less of the canned stuff.


answers from Houston on

Buffets? Golden Coral? Soul Food restaurants are in every Texas town. Large portions, cheap prices.


answers from Dallas on

One of my daughter's favorite places since she was very small (she is 18 now) is Luby's. The only thing I am not crazy about with Luby's is that they are over priced. We had lunch last week and it was just under $20 but it sure was good!! We love Luby's... hubby not so much so it is a place daughter and I enjoy together.

My favorite grocery store is Market Street. I am not sure if there is one in your area but they have a great salad bar, sandwich station, great soups, and a hot plate section with good seasonal veggies. I have seen similar setups at Central Market and Whole Foods.

I've not been to BlackEyed Pea in a long time but I recall some good dishes there as well as Cracker Barrel. However, some of the old time cooking is tasty but not healthy due to how it is prepared.

We also like Soup or Salad, Furrs Cafeteria is not bad.. cheaper than Luby's but not same quality, however it is all you can eat.

I hope you find something you like.

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