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Updated on January 08, 2013
P.G. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Hi all - we're looking to go out to dinner tonight - me, hubby, and 5.5 year old. We live in far West Fort Worth, near 30 & 820, so central/north/south would work.

Are there any reasonably priced restaurants in the area that offer meat AND non-meat dishes? Hubby is a seafood eating vegetarian. It doesn't have to be a kid/family restaurant, but one that's not JUST for romantic/serious/non-kid diners is fine. We're open to different ethnicities of food :)

We DON'T want to go to a chain restaurant if we can avoid it - unless it's a really great, not-on-every-corner chain.

Thanks for your help!

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The Keg is yummy. Pricey, but yummy! Joe T. Garcia's is awesome but I'm not sure they have vegetarian dishes. Awesome ambiance though!

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How far are you from Sundance Square?

We had cheer competition there for the last 2 years and there are lots of restaurants in that area. Parking can be a nightmare though! You can ride the trolley to get around.

Our favorite is Del Frisco's but that would not be appropriate with a child... it is more of a nice date night, business client dinner type of place. Very pricey but very worth it.

I don't recall the name but our team ate at a very nice Italian restaurant which had families. The food was very good. I just remember it was on a corner though. We were staying at the Omni (good food there) and we walked everywhere.

Good luck!



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Hmmm, Angelo's Barbecue? Not fancy at all but good BBQ. J.T. Garcias?

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