Sorry...Another Disney Question...Restaurants at Disney Resorts, Park Hopper

Updated on January 23, 2012
J.G. asks from Chicago, IL
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We're going to Disney world in a few weeks and we'll be getting 4 day park hopper passes. I've made some reservations for a coupole of restaurants that are located off-site? at Disney Resorts. I'm wondering how easy these resorts are to locate and if I have to use our Park-Hopper passes to eat at these restaurants. (I know I have to use the park-hoppers to eat at MK, AK, etc, but I'm not sure about these resorts...)

Also, it may be too late to make other reservations, but was just wondering what your favorite family restaurants were? My 3 1/2 year old daugher and 4 1/2 year old nephew will be with us.

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answers from Chicago on

Your girls would love 1900 Park Fair dinner at the Grand Floridian(cinderella,prince,stepmother and sisters),Akershus at Epcot(4 different princesses and free pictures too),Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary,
Crystal palace at the Magic Kingdom (pooh,tigger,piglet and Eyore).We also like to go to breakfast at Hollywood and dine at Hollywood Studios. We get our reservation before the park opens (check times) and then my husband runs to get the Toy Story Mania Fast Passes. It's the best ride ! Have a magical day !

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answers from Chicago on

You don't need a park hopper unless you spend the day at one park and then have dinner at a restaurant in a different park. If you plan your day right you just need a regular ticket. To get to a resort restaurant you simply take the bus to the resort you are eating at. When you are done eating you will then have to take a bus back to the park to get a bus to your home resort or go home via downtown disney. We really like coral reef and the sensaa restaurant.

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answers from Chicago on

As other's have said you only need your ticket for the parks, not the resorts. You can take the bus from the park to any Disney Resort, but you cannot take the bus from one resort to another, just so you know. You will need to take the bus (this is what we found to be the easiest) to Downtown Disney and then catch the bus to your resort, if you are staying on Disney property. Also we sometimes find it easier to just drive, if you have a car, to the other resorts, it is sometimes faster then the buses.

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answers from Washington DC on

you don't have to use the park hopper to eat at the resorts. The restaurant that I heard is the best is Chez Mickey, but you have to either be very lucky or book months in advance. We loved having breakfast at Cinderella's castle, again need to book early. when we went to Disney 4 yrs ago we could just walk up and make reservations for that night. Not so anymore. When we went last April we found that if you didn't make your reservations in advance you were out of luck. It stinks because I never know what we will be in the mood for doing, so making them in advance can be difficult.

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answers from Jacksonville on

You do not have to use passes. You can use the Disney Transit system to get to any of the Disney resorts from any of the parks. It is a wonderfully easy system to use!

We LOVED the Coral Reef restaurant at Epcot and we also enjoyed breakfast at the Polynesian. I also really like the Liberty Tavern family style character meal. The only restaurant we have ever not liked was the Sci-Fi....but then I was in the early stages of pregnancy and wasn't feeling quite well that cannot entirely blame it on them, lol!

We wanted to go back this year, but I ended up pregnant with our son this time last year, so we've decided to wait a little longer to make the trip. It seems as though every time we plan a Disney trip, I get pregnant! HAHAHA! :)

I hope you and yours enjoy! It's so magical for me still and I cannot wait to see the magic in my kids' eyes!

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answers from New York on

SciFi Diner in Hollywood, PrimeTime 50s Cafe, everything in Epcot. Any
restaurant in the Polynesian Hotel.

Not really crazy about the hotel restaurants. There are so many wonderful
others to choose from.

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answers from Lakeland on

Why not try to plan to be at the park where your reservation is the day you have the reservation. If the restaurants are outside the park then you should be fine. If you are going to the Rain Forest Cafe at Animal Kingdom it is outside the front gate, but I would go to the one at Downtown Disney. There are a lot more options at Downtown Disney as well. Epcot has the World Showcase and the restaurants are all very good.

You should be making your reservations ASAP, they all fill up fast. You can make them on the WDW website.

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