Dolls: Melissa & Doug

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Doll House Suggestions

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Moms, I am a deal finder, and am starting to think about a Doll House for my daughter's birthday. She'll be 3 in November. I love to find a sale, deal, or gar...


Doll House Suggestion Needed

T.W. asks from Detroit

I'm looking for a dollhouse to get as a birthday gift for a soon to be 2 year old. Hopefully one she can grow into but still enjoy now. any suggestion? We can always ...



R.S. asks from Chicago

My daughter will turn 4 at the end of July. She received a beautiful Melissa and Doug Victorian dollhouse for her birthday last year from a close friend. Having just ...


Need Help Teaching My 3+ Year-old to Do Buttons, Zippers, Etc.

D.J. asks from New York

My 3+ year old is showing interest in getting himself ready. He is starting to get really good at dressing himself and is trying to do buttons, zippers, etc. Does a...


Frustrated Mom Seeking Advice on How to Potty Train Her Kid

S.N. asks from Sioux Falls

I have a 3 1/2 year old son that is having problems with potty training. He does ok with the peeing but he still continues to poop in his pants. He had been doing r...


Please Share Your Child's FAVORITE Toy That Keeps Them Very Content and Occupied

J.K. asks from Chicago

unassissted or even movie. Please share what the toy is and how old your child is. Everything we have is getting old. I am composing wish lists for their birthdays an...


Gift Idea for Baby Girl's 1St Birthday

S.S. asks from Tampa

Family and friends are asking me what to get my daughter for a birthday gift who turns one Dec 30th. I am fresh out of ideas since I just suggested things for Christ...


How Old Was Your Child When He Learned to Tie His/her Shoes? and How?

S.J. asks from St. Louis

What age were your children when they learned to tie their shoes, and how did you teach this skill to them?


Christmas Gifts for 17 Mo Old

J.M. asks from Atlanta

My daughter will be 17 months at Christmas. I was thinking about getting her a baby doll and items to go with it like highchair etc. Is she too you for this? What ...


Present Ideas for 4.5 Yr Girl and 2 Yr Old Boy

K.M. asks from San Francisco

What are good ideas for presents for a 4.5 year old girl (she has lots of dolls/ doll bed/ doll stroller, dollhouse) and for her brother 2 years old (he has trains,...