What Makes a Good Baby Doll?

Updated on February 19, 2011
L.D. asks from Dallas, TX
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I need to buy a baby doll as a gift for a three year old. I want to spend less than $20. What makes a good baby doll? Does anyone have a three year old who has a doll that she LOVES? Any suggestions for types of dolls or features are appreciated.

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answers from Chicago on

I agree with the Little Mommy ones. My daughter has almost every single baby doll you can imagine! That kid LOVES her babies. My house is full of them!! They are pretty inexpensive. You can find some cute ones at Target or Walmart.

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answers from Houston on

One that is 'snuggly' and can be carried around everywhere and can sleep well in a bed.
They are hard to find these days. Now, babies all make noises, have hard plastic features, and are heavy.
The cheaper ones are usually the ones that the girls love for years. They don't go stiff when batteries run out, and can go with the little one everywhere she goes. :)

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answers from Dallas on

one that does not sing or make noise. I made the mistake of buying a cheerleader doll for my daughter. She loves it and it's soft and huggable so she likes to take it to bed. It's all good till she rolls over on it and it starts "Bubble Gum Bubble Gum, Pop Pop Pop" Or I tiptoe in to check on her at night and step on it. "Boom Chicka Boom Chicka Boom Boom Boom"

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answers from Kansas City on

My three year old has the Little Mommy Peek a Boo baby and loves it! She is also always drawn to the Little Mommy crwaling baby, but she does not have that onev yet. Little Mommy has good dolls, and they are not real expensive.

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answers from Honolulu on

Washable. That is the most important thing.

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answers from Denver on

Check out Baby Stella. We purchased ours on Amazon & have been very pleased. Super cute features, all plush & the most important part--washable.

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answers from Dallas on

I will say this, my daughter, who is almost 5 has a bucket of baby dolls. Her 2 favorite dolls are both You and Me dolls from Toys R Us. The You and Me makes a my first doll that she plays with all the time and just for christmas I gave her the doctoe you and me baby. Reasonable priced. the first doll is like $12.

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answers from San Francisco on

My 2 year old is in LOVE with baby dolls. She has a lot. Her favorite is about 1 foot long, and really floppy and cuddly, it came with a binky, sippy cup and I think a juice cup. She got her for christmas this year and it came in a pack from walmart. For small children it is easier for them to carry around smaller size baby dolls so don't get a huge or heavy one.



answers from Dallas on

Get a cheap one from Wal-mart or Target. My 5 year old got an American Girl Doll for Christmas and she picked out a baby at Wal-mart that has chicken pox you can rub off. I'll let you guess which one she plays with more. It's not the expensive one. Maybe get a cheap little outfit for it too.

After going back and reading responses, I wanted to add that my dd's 1st doll was a Little Mommy doll. It is still her absolute favorite. She has a plastic face, hands, and feet. Everything else is soft. She sleeps with "Scarecrow" and takes her to church. Also about a 12 inch doll.

Hope you find the perfect doll.

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