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Alternative to American Girl Doll

J.S. asks from Chicago

I am looking for an alternative to an AG doll for my almost 5 year old. She doesn't know anything about AG or that they even exist, but I really want to take her down...


Age for American Girl Doll

B.B. asks from San Antonio

Hello, If you chose to give an American Girl Doll to your little ladies, at what age did you do so? Our daughter has had an Our Generation doll from Target for th...


Baby Doll for 1St Birthday

J.S. asks from Pittsburgh

Can anyone recommend a baby doll for a 12 month old? We have plenty of stuff animals, but wanted to try a doll. Any big hits with your young ones? Thanks!


What Makes a Good Baby Doll?

L.D. asks from Dallas

Hi! I need to buy a baby doll as a gift for a three year old. I want to spend less than $20. What makes a good baby doll? Does anyone have a three year old who has a...


Looking for "Perfect" First Doll

T.H. asks from Minneapolis

I am wondering what you Moms think would be the "perfect" first doll for my little 15 month old girl. What have your gals liked? Plastic or cloth? Hair or no hair?...


Girl Scouts and Doll Question

M.M. asks from Rochester

I actually have two questions . . . please respond to one or both of the questions if you have any feedback. Thanks! First, I am considering being a Girl Scout le...


American Girl Doll

J.D. asks from Albany

Please share your American Girl Doll story with me. My daughter is 5 years old and we just ordered one for her. She asked Santa for a Barbie Townhouse and an Americ...


First Baby Doll

N.L. asks from Boston

My daughter is about to turn one, and I thought I'd get her a little baby doll for her birthday. I'd like to get something soft and simple, since she's really too you...


Chosing a Baby Doll

R.S. asks from Redding

I will have my second son when my first son turns two (same due dates). Someone suggested that I arrive home with my new baby and a new baby-doll for my son. He has...


The Controversial Cuddle and Coo Doll- Does Your Child Have One

M.D. asks from Dallas

Does anyone remember the controversy that started a couple of months ago about the Fisher Price Cuddle and Coo doll? She says many things like gaga and mama and some...