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Updated on January 04, 2011
I.*. asks from Columbus, OH
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I want to work out while I'm pregnant. My Dr. has cleared me to do so, I don't have any health issues. I want to get a workout DVD b/c I have three little ones at home and don't have time to go to the gym. Does anyone have a pregnancy workout DVD they would recommend? Thanks!

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answers from Columbus on

I loved Lisa Hart's "Fit Mama" workout with both of my pregnancies. It's split into 3 mini workouts, so if you're having a tired day you can just do one. Plus she's cheerful enough to motivate you without making you want to punch her.

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Not necessarily a pregnancy video, but when my kids were small, we used to watch and do Mousercise on the Disney Channel. That was quite a few years ago, and I don't think it is on the air any more, but the videos are out there. The sessions are a half hour long, and start with some stretching and warm up, then go to some aerobic activity, then a "cool down" part. Finally, they give a health tip and encourage fitness and healthy activities. The best part is that the kids look forward to "M-Time", and so you have exercise buddies, as well as encouragement to do it daily (sometimes a couple times daily). The activity isn't too intense (think "Sweating to the ...." , I gave up on that) and is presented in a fun way, but when you finish a session, you know you have energized yourself and feel pretty good. You also have the benefit of quality Mommy/Kid Time.

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I have the Summer Sanders Prenatal Workout DVD. For every trimester it has its own workout and I love it. I bought it at Barnes and Nobles for $20. I have issues with my hips while pregnant and it accually feels better after I do the workout video. Hope you like it!

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answers from Chicago on

Did you do anything before you were pregnant? If so, just continue what you were doing, and modify if you need to.

If you're just starting, my suggestion is to SKIP pregnancy workouts and do something regular that you like. Maternity workouts, in my experience, are pretty sad. No real exertion, just a lot of stretching. maybe there's something more intense out there, but I didn't find it. I'm a fitness person normally - heavy weights, circuits, kickboxing, etc...
I just kept up with that, and if I needed to dial down the intensity for a day, I listened to my body.

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