2 Months Pregnant with Food Aversions

Updated on May 22, 2010
T.S. asks from Langhorne, PA
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This is my second pregnancy and, like my first preg I have nausea but not getting sick. With my first preg, all kinds of food sounded great and whatever food commercial I saw on tv, that's what I wanted for dinner. But with this preg I'm noticing that I'm slightly repulsed by foods that I usually like. I can start eating something then just have this 'bleh' feeling and not want it. And even now I'm not sure what I want to eat because everything just doesn't sound appealing, plus I feel queasy so it doesn't help. Does this go away with the nausea after 3 months or am I going to be repulsed by alot of foods all pregnancy?

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So What Happened?

I'm really surprised that a bunch of moms could only eat a few things. I've been noticing that after I eat a 'regular sized' meal is when my food sits in my stomach like a rock and the thought of eating anything just churns my stomach. After I put my son to bed, I'm so queasy and still feeling 'full' that I just go right to bed. I'll eat smaller meals and hopefully it will pass.

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This is normal and usually it goes after the first 3 months. My first pregnancy was different than the second. With my first I could not eat anything for a week and then the second week I could eat some crackers. I was so weak, that I could barely have enough energy to go wash. With the second one I had nausea for 2-3 months. I did eat a bit of what I could, but my doctor told me that I need to eat more. After 3 months I could eat normally, still not too much.
Like others said here, some foods you may not be able to eat for the entire pregnancy. I don't remember having that problem, but I know that there are perfumes that whever I smell them now, they remind me of my nausea and I can't stand them.
Try to eat small things,,crackers, cheese, fruits, maybe some ginger tea to help you with the nausea.

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answers from Seattle on

It could go either way. I was like this with both of my pregnancies. First pregnancy, all I could eat was cottage cheese and bananas for the first 12 weeks. With #2, all I could eat was cold cereal and fruit. I'm 32 weeks with #2 and I have no problem finding yummy stuff to gulp down.

What you are experiencing sounds very, very normal for the first trimester. There is no guarantee that it will go away, but chances are pretty good that it will.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

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I always had all day sickness when I was pregnant. With my first, it was awful till about 14 weeks and then I could gradually eat more things without the nausea and then was able to eat pretty well. With my second, things also improved at about 14 weeks, but there were a few foods that I still had an aversion to, and honestly there are a couple I still really can't eat (peanut butter and most chocolate for me). With my third, I unfortunately continued to be nauseous and even to get sick throughout most of the pregnancy. At the beginning it was all day and I couldn't face eating almost anything. As the pregnancy went on, I would have periods where I felt better, and I learned to eat during those times. There were other times where it was much tougher.

As everyone has said, every pregnancy is different. I will tell you that all of my children were born healthy, so I was always able to keep enough down to keep them happily growing. There are also some things (many already mentioned) that can help - ginger, peppermint, eating smaller meals, eating a few crackers before even getting out of bed, smelling lemons (or lemon juice). You might also try buying a pair of Sea Bands - they're acupressure bracelets made primarily for motion sickness and that you can get at most drug stores, and they sometimes help (worked with my first and some with the others).

Also, do the best you can and especially try to stay hydrated. I found ice chips and Italian ices easier to stomach than straight water. And definitely talk to your OB about your own particular situation (i.e - your weight and nutritional status going into pregnancy make a difference, they should be able to do an ultrasound to make sure everything looks good, etc.). Hang in there and know that this will end. Even with my last baby, where the nausea lasted throughout the pregnancy, almost immediately after delivery I was ready to eat most of those foods I'd been avoiding due to aversions.

Good luck!



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every pregnancy is different. I know with my son that I was naseau with mroning sickness,until I was around 14-16 weeks along then I felt better. Certain foods and smells did make me feel queasy. I was queasy walking past the yankee candle shop in the mall. I also did not like the smell of raw onions or coffee. It is wierd because I love my morning coffee and could not drink it until i hit the second trimester. Of course I drank caffiene free while pregnant. I think this shall too pass for you. Good luck and congrats.



answers from Dallas on

My first pregnancy was a bliss, my second...I had horrible nausea and I hated every food I liked because of the nausea. Eventhough it seems like it's never going to end, I think it will go away once you enter your second trimester; I know 4 more weeks sound like an eternity when you're feeling queasy all the time but hang on, it will most likely go away.



answers from Washington DC on

It may go away at 3 months , or you could be off of certain foods for the whole pregnancy. With my 2nd pregnancy I could not eat chocolate at all and I LOVE it!!!!.....im ok now



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I couldnt eat peanut butter my whole pregnancy, and even for about a year afterwards. It just made me feel nauseous, when before I loved it and had a peanut butter sandwich almost every day.



answers from Charlotte on

Oh T., I'm so sorry for you! Reading this reminds me of my second pregnancy (as if my first one wasn't bad enough!) My appetite was so awful - I could get 4 bitefuls down if I was lucky, and at 27 weeks, my doctor told me he would consider the baby in utero to be "failure to thrive" if I didn't start putting on a pound a week. I tried so hard - it was awful.

I tell you this to help you understand that this is something that you have to watch so that you don't end up with your doc upset with you. Try lots of little meals if you aren't working outside the home, and healthy shakes if that works.

Good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I didn't have many cravings but I definitely had food aversions. Meat made my stomach churn, as did the sight of large quantities of food--buffets, large portions, etc. It did last most of my pregnancy, but the actual nausea didn't--it subsided after the first trimester.

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