Ate Sushi but Didn't Know I Was Pregnant!

Updated on August 26, 2009
L.J. asks from Dallas, TX
7 answers

I just found out I'm pregnant but haven't seen the doctor yet. Last weekend when I didn't know, I ate sushi! It was raw tuna but only a couple pieces. I can't be anymore than a month along but I'm freaking out! Does anyone have advice for me? Have you had an ok experience with something like this? Of course now that I know, I'm not going to eat it again!

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You are fine... Since you just found out and you are at 4 weeks, the baby was probably not implanted or being fed directly from what you ate yet. Relax.



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I think you and the Baby should be fine as long as you make better choice from now on. Just like if you were drinking a lot before you found out you were pregnant then you didn't drinking anymore for the rest of the pregnancy.

You should read the book, What to expect when your expecting. It's an awesome book and it really helps with all kinds of different topics.

I hope the best for you and your baby to be.



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Hey there! The previous poster is right, it is about eating it in moderation. It should all be okay Mama! I also just wanted to send my CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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You should be just fine. The point of not eating it, like the other poster said, the murcery. The longer the fish is in the sea the more mercury as my doctor put it.



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Hi L.,

Before I realized I was pregnant (about a month along) I went to a bachlorette party and wedding that had margaritas galore. I was so scared when I found out I was preggers that I had harmed my baby. She is 2 months old and perfectly healthy. I think if you make a mistake once it's not going to harm your lil' one. Now you you should be a-ok :)

Have a blessed pregnancy!



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You are not the first person to eat something before they realized they were pregnant! Relax :-) Breathe! It's fine!

Fresh Tuna is actually one of the fish that you can eat up to 6oz of once a month. However, the problem is not with the mercury content, it's with the bacteria. A good thing to remember when it comes to that: If you didn't feel ill, baby is fine :-)
Fish to avoid (because of high mercury):
Kajiki (swordfish)
Saba (mackerel)

I'll be doing a free early pregnancy class on Sept 14th, if you would like to learn all the things to avoid, learn about how the baby will grow, the tests they do in pregnancy and so much more... PM me, and I'll give you the details! I'll only be taking 4 couples and the class will be in Keller.

Congratulations and don't worry!




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You are gonna be just fine. lol. :)
Lots of women in Japan eat sushi while pregnant and don't have any issues. It's mainly just eating a lot of fish and the mercury that is in the fish. But one round of sushi is not gonna be harmful. And if you ate at a good sushi restaurant you are very ok. Now if you are out at a buffet or something that might be questionable as far as the quality of the fish. But for the most part, you will be fine. Congrats!!!

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