Sushi While Breastfeeding.

Updated on February 28, 2007
R.N. asks from Oak Harbor, WA
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I was wondering if it is okay to have sushi while you are breastfeeding? I stayed away from it while I was pregnant, but I wonder if it is okay to have while you are nursing. I haven't heard from my doctor yet. And I am not a member of a breastfeeding support group so I was curious what anyone else knew about it.

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answers from Seattle on

I also like sushi! I think it would be best to check with the babys doctor or yours. You can eat cucumber rolls or anything without uncooked fish. Alot of sushi resturants have cooked rolls now that are very good. I think they would be safe, but like I said check with a doctor.

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answers from Portland on

first of all -- I have a five month old, beauty named Willow! Never have I heard someone else with that name!

I also have two older girls, 3 and 2 (Gabrielle and Franki).

I love sushi and it was so hard to avoid the really good stuff during all my pregnancies, but I did, and then wanted some as soon as the babies were born.

This is from various articles I've read on the subject of the mercury levels in the big fish: tuna, swordfish, all the top of the food chain. Moderation is key. You probably don't want to have a bunch of raw tuna all at once. But once in awhile its okay. Now the news on mercury is really a comparison of tested children of meditterranean families who ingest greater levels of mercury on a daily basis than do American families. The test revealed that the children scored higher on IQ tests and showed no negative affects of mercury. Go figure. Just like every trend on what to do and what not to do with our children, first you shouldn't then you should. The article stated, also, that even while pregnant, the benefits of the omegas in fish outweighed the affects of mercury, and that if you wanted to eat tuna -- do it, but have it grilled instead of baked, so that the fat runs off (where the M is stored).

That convinced me enough to eat fish again during pregnancy #3, and I have a big strong healthy Willow baby to show for it!

Eat sushi!



answers from Seattle on

There's really no food a breastfeeding mom should avoid. Make sure you get your sushi from a reputable source so YOU don't get sick, but other than that... GO AT IT!! :)


answers from Portland on

I breastfeed, and I also eat alot of sushi. There are so many different kinds of sushi, that if you are worried about chemicals in uncooked fish, just try a sushi that has cooked or fried fish or veggies instead. And even if you do go for the raw stuff, there is so little actual fish in a sushi roll that even if it did have something unfavorable in it, i doubt it would be enough to harm your nursing kiddo. I don't think I would survive if a breastfeeding mom couldn't eat sushi! Go for it!



answers from Portland on

I asked the same question to my pediatrician shortly after giving birth. He said that the bacteria or other microbes that could be in infected raw fish does not travel into the breastmilk. Enjoy your sushi!



answers from Bellingham on

I was told by my Uncle, who is a Doctor, and he said that as long as you don't over do it you should be fine. Have it as a treat not a full-on meal and you'll be fine. I had to ask him the same question while I was breastfeeding. If your still worried about try the "fake sushi" and that should reduce the craving!



answers from Portland on

Sushi is fine to eat, sashimi are the rolls with raw fish. I am also breastfeeding and I just stay away from the raw. But sushi rolls are a great and satisfying treat and perfectly safe!
Are you in the salem, oregon area?

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