Diaper Rash: Older Child, Miralax

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Bad Toddler Diaper Rash

My daughter has had the worse diaper rash off and on for over a month. I called the pediatrician and spoke to the nurse twice and do what she says, then it gets better for awhile and comes back worse. The first time we thought it was a yeast infection so we treated it by not using wipes, and using lotrimen followed with cornstarch, and making sure it was very dry. It got better, but came back again, this time with no bumpy rash, so I started using triple paste (very thick) and medicated cornstarch which made it better for awhile. But it...

Home Remedies

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Miralax for Toddler

My son has been battling constipation as we've gotten full into potty training. I know this can be a normal thing but we've had a couple of bouts here lately that have been really tough. So his pediatrician finally convinced me to buy Miralax today. I have been really reluctant to give him anything "unnatural," preferring to use prunes and that kind of thing, but she explained that after an episode or 2 of constipation the end of the bowels can actually stretch out a little, making the next poop that forms bigger than normal, and it...