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529 College Savings Plan?

Hello!!! I am wondering how I start to set up a 529 college savings plan for my son. Did anyone use anyone that was really helpful? I am not a numbers person at all so I look at all that paper work and go crazy! Since I work part-time I was going to try to get this done on my days off without having to get my hubby, who works full-time, to help me! Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.


College Savings Plan

I am a mother of 3 children, ages 12,8 and 3. I know that time flies when...


College Savings 101

As my girls get older, I can't help but worry about college expenses for 2...


College Savings Fund

I'm trying to be responsible and start a savings account for my daughter's...

Cost of

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$$$$ For College

Wondering if any mamas have been saving for college? Have a 13 year old and 8 year old and back in the younger days we pretty much lived paycheck to paycheck. Well before I realized it---I've got 5 years to try and gather some $$ for her college! Not much more for the 8 year old. Not expecting to be able to cover it all, but would like to get something going for them. I know they can get student loans but we won't be able to recieve goverment loan assistance if it goes by income(?) Any ideas?? TIA


Work or College??

I am a 28yr old mother of 3 and have a major decision to make. I can either...

Dorm Life

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Gift for College Student in Dorm

What can I get for my Godchild who is away at college in her first year? What would be good items to put in her carepackage? Thank you mamas for never failing me! :)


College Dorm Life

My daughter will be heading off to college in the fall. I was wondering...


Dorm Room Needs

Hey All, My sister-in-law will be attending Michigan State this Winter....


Off to College?

Hi ladies, Yesterday I had a discussion with "Sarah" about her oldest...

Financial Aid

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College Drop Off/family Vacation

For those who have done the college send off, I'd love your thoughts on combining that with a family vacation. My SD is going to school in Montreal and her move in will be the last weekend in August. I was planning on going to one of the northern New England states for vacation with my two younger sons (ages 10 & 12) anyway in August and invited my soon-to-be-ex to join us if he wanted to as we get along just fine and he's handy with things like driving a trailer or a boat. We've been looking at house/cabin rentals in various areas and...

Going Back to School

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Going Back to College

Hi Moms, Just looking for some advice/encouragement! I have 2 kids, work some part time jobs, and I am interested in going back to school in Spring 2010 for nursing. How do other Moms do it? Raising kids, being a wife, keeping a house, working, going to school, studying??? I want to have a better financial situation for our family. I know it will be difficult for a couple years, but in the end it will be worth it. ( I hope!) Thanks Moms!