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Updated on May 20, 2008
T.K. asks from Hollywood, FL
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My son is a model and I want to use his earnings as an investment to staart saving for college. I cannot afford to pay monthly into the Fl Prepaid Program and I am looking for other options.

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Hi Theresa
I know a lady who does financial planning
She can go over the information with you....
Would you like to speak to her ?




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A plan B is always helpful. Please look and listen to my Opportunity Presentaton on my website:
If you have any questions please email me from my website.
Thank you,


There is always Upromise which can't hurt and it's free to start.



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Dear T.,

I am listed on Mamasource, but feel free to visit my website: I would be happy to help you set up an investment account to be used for college expenses or any other expenses later on. The advice given by the others regarding FL Pre-paid is correct, not a good idea for most people.

Cheers, C.



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Hi T., my husband is a personal financial analyst and he helps people all the time with college plans for their children. The Florida Pre-paid plan is NOT good and has a lot of limitations. My husband can explain to you what those are. In addition, his company offers excellent college investments plans, I don't know the details because that is his expertise, but I know our kids are on them and all of our friends have their kids in them too. And you only put money in when you want to, you can also have your family put money in too. We have grandparents, etc. give money to that instead of presents sometimes.

If you are interested, e-mail me directly and I can give you my husbands information.

Regardless, he will be able to teach you a lot and you will be able to make an educated decision on oyur own. He does not charge a penny to meet either. (in case you were wondering)

Good luck.

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