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Unmotivated 16 Year Old

My 16 year old daughter is very smart, but is very unmotivated to complete her school work, therefor seems to be running a C average in almost everything. I speak to her teachers who say she 'drifts off' in class. She often gets zeros for homework she 'does not feel like doing'. I realize a C average is not the end of the world, but I know she is capable of more and would like her to be able to go to college. I have taken away privliges, offered incentives, etc, and she says she will do better, and may for a very short time, then its back...


My 16 Year Old

I have a 16 year old daughter who is very smart, but she doesn't do her work...

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Seeking Parents Advice on Rules for My 15 Year Old Son.

My son has in general always been respectful, kind, hardworking and grateful. After recieving his iphone and entering into the texting, facebook world everything about him is changing. Friends are the main focus. Typical teen stuff parents are idiots, knows all the answers etc. What concerns me is his disrespect and feelings of entitlement. We have had a family meeting with him laying down some rules an guidelines. Some of them: phone must be given to us by 10pm on school nites, 10:30pm curfew. No going out with friends on school...

Dorm Life

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17 Year Old Daughter Always over at Her Boyfriend's House

So my 17 year old daughter is a senior in high school, straight A student, 4.02 GPA, has part time job, car which she bought with her own money, pays her car insurance and her portion of the cell phone bill. My concern is this, she has a boyfriend who is a sophomore and she is constantly over at his house. I always make sure she does her chores and her homework is done before she goes but it seems she spends more time with him and his family (two parent household) having dinner there, going to church with them, she even tried to ditch...


College Dorm Life

My daughter will be heading off to college in the fall. I was wondering...


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Taking 16 Year Old to the Gynecologist?

I Just made her a Gynecologist appointment for friday after school (only time they could find a spot), and i just told her today, and I could tell she was nervous already, which I can understand, the first gynoecologist appointment can be scary! She just said okay, thats fine and just kinda we off to do he own thing for awhile, and i bealive i picked a good gynecologist, shes young and heard she works great with teens, one of my girl friends just took her daughter (my daughters bestfriend) and she said that she was fantastic and great with...