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Need Help Getting 3 1/2 Year Old Son to Give up Bottle

S.L. asks from Washington DC

My son is almost 3 1/2 years old and will be starting preschool this fall. He drinks whole milk from the bottle once in the morning, once in the afternoon before his...


5 Year Old with a Sippy Cup

C.B. asks from Washington DC

My youngest son is five and, although he CAN drink out of a regular cup and cup with a straw easily, he is still most comfortable with the NUBBY type soft top sippy c...


18 Month Old Who Loves Her Bottle

S.R. asks from Beaumont

I have an eighteen month little girl who loves her bottle. I breast fed her for 10 months, but now I really want to ween her from her bottle and not make it a huge d...


14-Month-old Wants Milk in Bottle Only.

J.D. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello, everyone! I am trying to ween my son off of the bottle. All day he drinks water out of a sippy cup. Sometimes I'll help him drink it out of a water bottle u...


Weaning Help!

B.S. asks from Kansas City

My baby is 13 months old and I want to be DONE nursing. I have gotten her down to three times in a 24 hour period, nap, bedtime, and then she wakes up about 4 am. T...


All Parents

A.P. asks from Atlanta

I have a 1 year and he drinks out of a cup but I have a huge problem. When he sleeps or lay down the milk spills everywhere and he soaks up his crib. I am constantly ...


Breaking Habits!

A.J. asks from Milwaukee

My 2 year old wont give up the bottle at night or at nap time. I tried just taking it away from her and she just cries, throws a tantrum or steals her little sisters ...


Can't Get 11 Mo. Old to Try Sippy Cup.

V.W. asks from Omaha

I watch a little boy that will be 11 mos. old next week. His mom insists he is off the bottle by age 1. He doesn't want anything to do with a sippy cup. I've tried...


Weaning from Bottle

C.C. asks from Dallas

Hello! My daughter is almost 10 months old and at our last appointment, our pediatrician said we can start weaning from the bottle to a cup. How did you do this? I...


Taking My One Year Old off the BOTTLE!

L.V. asks from Jacksonville

What is one good way to convert her to a sippy cup?? She is soo used to having her bottle to fall asleep at night that im afraid she wont sleep without it.