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Best Straw Cups?

I have tried a couple of brands and they are so ridiculous to clean!! Is it just me?? I just tried the Explora brand from Babies R us - awful! They have several pieces and by the time you put them back together the cup only works about half the time. I have also tried the Nuby but it is so hard to suck liquid out! Help Mom's....


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6 Year Check-up

My son will be 6 soon and I am wondering if a 6 year check-up is neccessary....

Childhood Illnesses

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How Do You Wean Your Baby?

I am just trying to be a little proactive. How do you wean your baby, my little boy is almost 8 months and I want to stop breastfeeding him at 1 year old? I don’t want to do cold turkey. Any suggestions? Thanks New Mom


Baby's New Menu

Hi: My daughter is 17 weeks now, exclusively breastfed and she's grown like...


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Transitioning from Nuby Sippy Cup to Hard Spout

My son(11.5 months) has used a Nuby sippy cup since he was 6 months old to drink water and juice. He holds them well and loves to drink from them. I have been a bit disappointed, though, because all of his sippies have started to leak like crazy over the past month, so I figured it would be a good time to transition to another cup since I can't stand the leakage wanted to transition him to a bigger cup anyway. I purchased the gerber sippies with handles and a harder spout(still a bit soft). It has a valve to control leaking, but my son will...

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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Need Diaper Changing Advice

My 7 month old has turned diaper changing in to a challenging game. I am a first time Mom and have to say this is one topic I haven't read about and wasn't ready for. He flips over so fast and wants to crawl off the changing table. This sounds like something all parents probably go through as I'm sure they get bored on their backs. I'm just not sure what approach to take. The other night I made him stay on his back and he reacted so dramatic that it made me feel awful. I don't want to start a bad habit (have been changing him while he...


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Almost 9 Month Old with Severe Constipation

Hi, My soon to be 9 month old is severely constipated. This has been going on for about the past month. After no BMs for 5 days, I awoke to him screaming (in pain) this morning. He was pooping. He produced a moderate-large amount of very hard, ball like feces. (Sorry for all of the information). There also was blood....that I assume was caused by fissures. He is breast-fed. I have made a point to give him higher fiber foods. He gets at least two jars of pears or prunes each day. Also I have omitted all bananas. I have...

Dr. Visits

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Transitioning to a Sippy Cup

Hi mommas, My son is 15 months old. We've offered him sippy cups for the past 6 months & he's never gotten the hang of it. He uses it more as a toy. I should also mention that he doesn't hold his own bottle either. Within the past week or so, he's done it a handful of times, so I feel like in that aspect, he's making improvement. We went to his 15 month well-check appointment today & the doctor really wants him to be drinking from a sippy cup or regular cup by 18 months. I would love that too, but aside from switching cold...


Giving up the Bottle

Ladies, We went to the dr today for my daughters 9 month appointment. I am...


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Do All Nuby Silicone Top Sippy Cups Leak?

I am now on my 2nd Nuby cup, hoping the first one was just defective, but this one leaks too! When I put the lid on and tighten it, the silicone top moves just enough that the little notches don't line up and then it leaks all over the place. I have a Munchkin cup that is very similar, and it does do the same thing IF I tighten it too much, but the Nuby does it even before the lid is all the way on. Am I doing something wrong?


When to Exercise?

I am about 20 pounds overweight, due to having 3 kids and lack of self...


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What Do You Think About Negative Press over Plastic Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups?

I just wanted to get some other moms opinions on the articles I have read about plastic bottles and sippys. Studies have shown that bottles and sippys made out of polycarbonate can leach out a harmful chemical called bisphenol-A into the milk. I am not sure if this is only if the bottle or cup is heated or if it does it all the time. They say sterilizing them can also break the plastic down. I have always used Dr. Browns for my baby and she will only drink her formula heated. I don't put it in the microwave I just sit in a cup of hot...


Mentally Ill Father

To make a very long story short, the father of my 5 month old daughter has a...


Too Sick or Not?

Hi Moms. I am a daycare provider and recently I have had some pretty sick...

Illnesses & Symptoms

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Need Ideas on Getting Toddler to Take Regular Sippy Cup

My son had a very hard time transferring from the bottle to a Nuby cup. We had to go cold turkey and suffer through it. Now, a year later, the Nuby cups are driving me crazy. He chews on the silicone spouts, and they break. I've been buying tons of them, and it's ridiculous to continue at this point. He won't drink out of any of the sippy cups I've bought, even the starter ones with softer spouts. ANY IDEAS? I'm thinking going cold turkey again may be my only option, but I don't know if I can stand his whining and complaining (he makes me...


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...

Potty Training

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My 10 1/2 Month Old Won't Drink Anything! This Can't Be Good.

I am wondering what to do about Miles. He eats anything in sight but I can't get hi to drink any liquids (even breast milk) from any cup, bottle, or variety of sippy-cups. As a result he has hard stools 50% of the time. I still nurse him throughout the day. I've tries water, watered down juices, yogurt drink, soymilk, pedialite, you name it!

Preventative Care

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14-Month-old Wants Milk in Bottle Only.

Hello, everyone! I am trying to ween my son off of the bottle. All day he drinks water out of a sippy cup. Sometimes I'll help him drink it out of a water bottle using a straw. We don't give him juices that often. But when I give him milk in a sippy cup, he takes a sip and refuses it! I want him to get enough calcium, so he is only getting a bottle of milk twice a day. I clean his teeth twice a day, too, but I am still paranoid because I had "bottle rot" as a child. I don't want the same thing to happen to my son! I want to end the...


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Baby Refusing Formula at Daycare...

I am still breastfeeding my 10.5 month old daughter so I havn't given her a bottle in many months... I work 3 days a week and she is in daycare. She eats breakfast (cereal with fruit) and lunch (yogurt) there, and they offer her a bottle in between, and also one in the afternoon.. She gets some pumped milk, and the rest formula to suppliment (I've never gotten much pumping). She used to take about 4 oz each time, until she started eating two meals there its only been about 2-3, and sometimes the 4. Now the past week or so she's been...


BPA In Sippy Cups?

I know all the concern over BPA in baby bottles, but what about sippy cups?...


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How to Get Grandson off of Formula

I take care of my 17 month old grandson. My problem is that he won't drink regular milk. He is still on formula. I have tried regular milk, soy milk and lactose free milk. He won't drink any of it. He only likes formula. Do any of you know what I can do to get him off of this. I know it is probably time. Thanks in advance for your help!

Sleeping Habits

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Weaning off Bedtime Bottle

Hello, We have a 1 year old little girl. She is off the bottle except at night. She gets a bottle during our bedtime routine. Lately, it's turned into a game for her. She plays with the nipple, drinks, cries, drinks again, plays with the cap, hits me, fingers in my nose, etc. She is tired. We put her in her crib (wide awake), she rolls to her side and goes to sleep all on her. It's getting more difficult. Our ped. said it's time to take that last bottle away. Can you guys please give me your tips on how to wean off the bottle?


Cup at Sleep Time

Ok heres the deal, my daughter is 15 months old and still goes to bed with a...

Stages & Milestones

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1 Year Old Milestones

My son isn't walking yet, he just turned 1. He dosn't like the sippy cup either, but I can get him to drink from a straw a little bit. Is all this normal? Can we be doing something wrong?


No More Formula

my daughter is still only 9 months but i am preparing myself for her one...


Failure to Thrive

My 9 1/2mo. old is being classified as a failure to thrive. Aarg! I come...