Cavity Prevention: Benadryl

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Benadryl Before Dentist?

S.F. asks from New York

Ok ladies, here's the situation. My 6 year old daughter had 2 cavities filled a few weeks ago, and Saturday she has 2 more. They are the four very back teeth, top and...


Plugged up Ears OFTEN and Causing Discomfort. Benadryl and Nettle Not Working.

G.M. asks from Phoenix

Hi all you parents out there! I have a question for myself here. My ears have been plugging up often ever since last May. I've taken benadryl, and the Organic allerge...


Anesthesia for Dental Work or Laser Dentistry?

K.D. asks from Salt Lake City

My 4-year old has a few cavities that need to be filled. When we took him in he got scared and refused to let the dentist numb his teeth (even though he does great wi...


Dental Work for My 2 Year Old

N.H. asks from Sacramento

Hi Everyone- I have a 2 year old with cavities on her front teeth. She comfort nurses. I have taken her to the dentist and they want to do IV Sedation. I would lik...


Seeking Advise About Rotting Teeth in 2 Year Old

G.N. asks from San Francisco

My daughter is going to be 2 in May and we just discovered that her back upper molar is rotting. Her first trip to the dentist revealed that she has 3 cavities and t...


Taking My Little Man to Hawaii

L.A. asks from Dallas

In October my husband and I will be taking our 15 month old son to Hawaii to visit his great grandparents! This will be my first flight as well as his! I'm very nervo...


Cold or Sinus Infection

M.G. asks from Dallas

My daughter is nearly 14 months old. Last week she devolped a stuffy but sometimes runny nose. The mucous is a very thick and I understand that does not always mean a...


Seeking Experience with Child Having Teeth Removed

D.M. asks from Albany

My son is 8 years old. He or should I say I had eaten alot of fruit gushers and fruit roll ups in the past. I have not given him either for atleast 2 years now. Th...


Seeking Advice/experience for Children That Require I.V. Sedation at Dentist

A.E. asks from Provo

My 5 year old daughter is terrified of the dentist. I have taken her to two different Pediatric dentists. Her first pediatric dentist had me give her Benadryl and mot...


Nitrous Oxide vs Conscious Sedation for 4 Year Old Dental Treatment

L.M. asks from Phoenix

Hey moms! So, my 4yr old son has 2 cavities on his 2 top front teeth that need to be fixed. I've been given the choice between using Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) or "...