5 Cavities in One Year????!!!

Updated on August 12, 2010
M.P. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hey there. Crazy question. I just went to my dentist for my annual checkup and found out that this year I got FIVE cavities, 3 of them right in the front of my mouth, a very weird place to get cavities! I brushed and flossed my teeth at least as much this year as ever before if not more... I don't get it!

My dentist thought it might have to do with vomiting during pregnancy. But although I've been pregnant twice this year (one miscarriage, one current success-thus-far), I haven't vomited once. My diet hasn't changed suddenly in one year-- it's the same as always, no candy, no sugary fruit juice, nothing suddenly different!

Any ideas of how this could've happened? Is it because I'm still nursing my 22m old and all my calcium has leeched out into his milk? Or could it be from the pregnancies, all my vitamins going to the fetuses? My dentist said lack of calcium wouldn't be cause for decay and he guessed it was maybe from taking too many cough drops without brushing afterward. But I only take those in the winter and haven't suddenly taken more this year than ever before.

Help!? Could this be a sign of some kind of oral cancer or something? I'm getting my mouth xrayed next week (yes with permission from the o.b., and I'll be wearing 2 vests) but until them I'm freakin out! Ideas?

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answers from Portland on

This is a normal happening. It definitely does not mean you have a serious illness and definitely not oral cancer. Cancer presents itself as a sore or growth.

I suggest that you may never know why this year you have 5 cavities. You could have had the start of one or all of them last year but they weren't large enough to be seen. Did you have x-rays last year? I've had cavities that only showed up on an x-ray. Usually the dentist tells me I have a start of a cavity that is too small to fill now but he'll look at it next time. He fills it next time or the time after that. Once a cavity starts to form there is nothing to prevent it from growing.

I had nearly all my teeth filled by the time I was 40. Some years I had none and other years I had several. My mother had lots of cavities and was told that when she was pregnant with me she had insufficient calcium and being pregnant leached calcium out of her teeth. She did not take prenatal vits but did with her next 3 pregnancies and fared better tooth wise. Also my 3 younger brothers have very strong teeth and have had very few cavities.

Cavities are caused by many things. My teeth break off because I grind them. When a small chunk breaks off that spot is more likely to get a cavity because there is less enamel or even none at all. I suspect that the hormonal changes of pregnancy could affect our teeth. I know general health does. The cough drops leave sugar in your mouth and can cause cavities over time. It's possible that the cavities you have this year are caused by an accumulation of cough drops, skipping brushing from time to time, eating acidic foods, drinking soda pop frequently, etc.

Cavities in the front teeth are common and usually do get larger with time. I have had very small cavities between my front teeth for years and only a few years ago were they large enough to require filling.

So don't worry!!!!! Cavities alone are definitely NOT an indication of cancer or any other serious mouth condition.

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answers from Provo on

Please calm down. If you stress out you can stress out that baby. That happened a lot to me because I was still depressed from planning on placing my baby. He's healthy and all, but stress isn't good for both of you. Just try and attempt to forget about it till your apt. take a bath, get a massage, just stay calm. There is no point in worrying till you actually know something.

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answers from Austin on

Happened to my mother when she was pregnant with me. She had never had a cavity in her life.
The dentist told her she probably needed lots of extra calcium..

Do you use fluoride toothpaste or mouth wash?

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answers from Minneapolis on


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answers from Los Angeles on

Go for a second opinion before you expose yourself to an x-ray machine while pregnant. If your teeth aren't bothering you I would wait until the baby is born before you do any dental work. I had pregnancy induced gigivitis with all my pregnancies and had to brush and floss a lot. Good luck!

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