Nitrous Oxide on 3 Yr Old with Cavities

Updated on July 14, 2010
B.K. asks from Elmhurst, IL
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Our son has 2 cavities and the dentist is going to use nitrous oxide. Has anyone used this on their children? Do you feel it is safe? I'm scared for our 3 yr old. We have no idea how he got these cavities other than genetics because dad has had cavities growing up and we brush his teeth twice a day.

Thank You!

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answers from Merced on

Its safe and I'm in the situation! My daughter is 3 and has 2 cavities and will be going through the same thing. It is a genetic thing; my daughter brushes 2 times a day and has little princess flossers she uses at least twice a week. I had cavities at her age and so did my husband. Another thing to think about is baby teeth are naturally weaker teeth; they're made to go only so long and wear away and fall out so don't beat yourself up over this. You should look into a flouride rinse for your son. My daughters dentist recommended ACT flouride rinse for kids. She said if your child isn't great with rinsing and spitting, just dip a toothbrush in the rinse and brush it onto their teeth. Its bright pink and bubblegum flavor, my daughter loves it.
The procedure is very safe, I had it myself when I was 3. I hope this was helpful!

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Gainesville on

Just make sure you are using a qualified pediatric dentist for the procedure. A pediatric dentist goes thru another 2 years of specialized training after 4 years of dental school to be able to specialize in and treat only children. They do anesthesia rotations so they are well versed in taking care of the little ones. Look them up, see where they went to school and residency, see if you can find reviews or get recommendations from friends.

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answers from Sacramento on

The children's dentist gave my three year old a juice drink that sedated her alittle. Then they gave her some nitrous oxide on her nose. She didn't respond to either and had to have to be put under at a hospital so the dentist could fix her teeth. We decided to have the back teeth filled as a preventitive measure so we wouldn't have to go through this again.

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answers from Chicago on

Nitrous is safe, but are they really ONLY going to use nitrous? I sure hope they are using the novocaine too!!

Your son will be a little loopy during the administration of the nox, but he will be back to normal about 5 minutes after they turn it off.

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